Jackson Family

What a totally crazy, wacky weather weekend around here. Sunny, clear...then black-cloud takeover in 5 minutes, torrential downpours, hail, 30 minutes later...the sun's back out.

Welcome to October.

This shoot was awesome. They called and are leaving Seattle..... I'm leaving my house. The skies are clear their way, I'm driving through town seeing these ominous, black clouds......I get on the freeway heading toward the clear skies - gorgeous light. I look in my rear view mirror and feel like the black clouds of death are following me and gobbling up my pretty light. HURRY!!!!!!

My doppler stalking had said we'd be fine til around 7pm!!!! The doppler failed me.

Anyhoo - we were there, and we made the best of our time. It turned out to be about 20 minutes before the rain got so hard I had to call it for my camera's sake.

This fun, laughy (is that a word), beautiful family was on board even through the raindrops. And Amy, I think we rocked it despite the limited time. We moved fast and furiously and had a total blast in process. I'm serious - we all were just laughing hysterically much of the time. Mostly due to the ridiculous situation we were in.

Jackson family - you guys are troopers, and totally fun!!! Thanks for allowing me to run you from location to location to get this done!! What fun!!!!

Mr. Five year old. So big!!

Aaaaah, the wind is starting to whip....it is so stinkin' cold! 

You can't see it - but it was RAINING!!!!
We just laughed and pressed on......

Amy and Pete - you two are just super sweet. 
Amy's laugh is so true and honest here. 
What a joy-filled family! 

Whatever - we rally rain or shine!!! 

Happy Monday!


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