Things I Think About.....

So, the other day I was photographing a family, stopped to look at the back of my camera and gasped. And then I thought, "In 20 years, he is going to be so happy to have this photo with his mom and dad".  They may be silly moments, or non traditional moments, or crazy moments....but man, they are the real moments. Because those....those are what we remember. It's being connected and feeling love and having fun! 

My fabulous friend Jami and I have a tradition of photographing each others family every year. This was our third year and as I perused my beautiful photos last week, I noticed a million how big my kids are, how awesome my husband is, how much I love my puppy, and the silly and totally outrageous antics that are so typical of my family.  I felt completely grateful. So grateful to have this time of our life documented, but 10000 times more grateful that my kids and grandkids will someday look back at these photos and get a sense of what our family was like. Jami took a photo of us a few years back in front of a window with the etching, "Perfectly Imperfect". I swear I think of that all the time and remind myself that those "imperfect moments" are the ones filled with the most texture and story!!!! 

So tonight, I'm posting some recent that I am so glad I took. Because they are those moments! Documenting people's lives is awesome. 

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!!!


-Stacy do not have to be a professional photographer to capture these moments. They happen around us all the time. The breakfast table....walking to the bus....playing outside after school....during game night....making dinner.....during the bedtime routine (you can call me crazy, I know...but it can happen).....after they are asleep and so cuddly and cute tucked in their beds. Just keep your camera out !!!!! Trust me, you'll start noticing! 


Today, I'm just savoring a moment.

She assisted me on a shoot last week and we were testing the light.

Honestly, she stops me in my tracks sometimes.

Love you Audrey!

Bailey and Her Awesome Family.....

                                                   This is Bailey and her awesome family. I think they like her!

She has the most beautiful soul as a mama

The most loving and kind dad..... (look at those smiles)


She basically has everything going right in her life so far! 

I'm so glad we had this day you guys! I just adore you all so much! 

Big sis just turned 10. Major milestones happening in this house. 
Special moments with dad are priceless.

Nothing but love here. Nothing but love!!!

Happy Sunday!


Halloween 2014

Seriously - I think Halloween photos are my 2nd favorite after the first day of school photos!

This year did not disappoint.

Here is what I'm grateful for this Halloween!

1. A super fun town that goes all out for our kids.
2. A beautiful afternoon after a morning of torrential downpours.
3. Awesome schools that create the most fun celebrations.
4. GREAT friends. The greatest, really!
5. Traditions.
6. Family.
7. Kids that totally bring their hilarious character when it's time for mama to take some photos.
8. My 9 month old labradoodle. I mean, he's the CUTEST!
9. My husband who was at home this year recovering from foot surgery watching horror movies all night long.
10. Just grateful. Period.

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween this year.

Happy November!


Longmuir Family Gorgeousness {Olympia Family Photographer}

Gosh, where do I begin!?! 

I feel like this photo shoot was a few years in the making! Jen is a gorgeous mama and part of the fantastic team that is Hoopla Events.  I feel so lucky to have developed a friendship with her over the past few years. And on this perfect fall morning, I fell in love with the rest of her family! 

I admittedly have a secret love for the older sister/younger brother! And these two just started our shoot off with a bang!!!!

Honestly, documenting all the different phases of family just "fills my bucket". I'm not kidding. The silly, the crazy, the fun, all of it! The days can feel so long, but truly the years fly by (said the mama of a 10 year old and almost 8 year old)!!!! Each phase has its ups and downs, but when we look back, it's the littlest moments that warm our hearts. 

This particular day and this family just brought exactly who they are at this very moment and you can feel all of the love! It was perfect!

Jen - this needs to be giant on your wall !!!!


Precious soul right here!

Sometimes sisters just make it all better!!!!!

It always goes back to this. 
Mom and Dad!
You guys are doing such a fabulous job!
I loved our time together! 

Happy Friday and enjoy the little moments this weekend. 



Flying U Ranch Adventures! Best tradition ever!

So, as you have probably seen on my blog, we discovered a little slice of heaven about 18 years ago! The Flying U Ranch is a very special place to us. You can revisit this blog link (click here) for a little back story. Let's just say that way back in our pre-kid days, we'd visit the Flying U, watching other family's kids run free having the time of their lives. We'd dream of the day we'd return with our own kids and share with them this beautiful place where there are no screens, tons of funs, great adventure, and the best imaginative play ever. And now, here were are. And to share it with special friends just makes it that much better. 

I have to share this photo....circa 2005. Audrey age 17 months! 

Our trip last month was fabulous. We added a new 3 month old (she rocked her first trip), a new family (we loved having you guys with us), more days, every type of weather you can imagine and FABULOUS fun! 

Before I share my photos, I asked Audrey if I could share a story she wrote at school a few weeks back. It was perfect and I thought it needed to be forever documented on this blog! So first Audrey's experience and then the photos!!!! 

Cheers to fun family traditions - whatever they might be for you! Just don't ever stop making fun memories! 

By Audrey, age 10......

The Flying U

In August, the week before school started , my family , my friend Jenna’s family , and my friend Kelen’s family went to the Flying U ranch! It is in Canada. You ride horses there and stay in little cabins. They provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My horse was named Zepher, my mom’s horse was Camaro, my dad’s horse was Dino, my brother’s horse was Kahuna, Jenna’s horse was Maiden, her dad’s horse was Bruno, her sister’s horse was Dixie, Kelen’s horse was Ziena, her dad’s horse was Slim, and her brother’s horse was Blaze. It was really fun! We got to swim in the lake, go on a hayride, play games, go see the horses and pigs, and play in the hail and rain. We saw cattle, bucks, and we heard coyotes howling. We had a fire and s’mores too! We saw the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, and we saw a glimpse of the Northern Lights! There was really nice ranch hands and their names were Amanda and another boy who’s name I can’t remember!  Amanda was from Australia so she had a really pretty Australian accent. During the storms we would go into the lodge, play mexican horse and have cookies and hot cocoa. If I had to pick anywhere in the world to go, I would choose the Flying U Ranch!

Sweet girl.....I couldn't have said it better myself! 

 Nate found a shrew about 5 minutes after arrival. 

 Old Schmidt Ranch. So awesome.

 The craziest storm ever came through. 

And this is what she thought of it! Ha!

And of course the hail came and he decided to get pummeled! 

Happy Flying U!