Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween...

From the X-ray Skeleton and the Queen!

Jessica + Steve {voted most ENTHUSIASTICALLY in love}

These two......their enthusiastic love makes me smile every time I gaze over their engagement session! He happens to be my brother-in-law and SHE is almost my sister-in-law (and thank goodness because we are so meant to be sisters)!!!!!!

I adore you both.
I couldn't be happier you found each other. 
I cannot WAIT to watch you get married.
And I feel SUPER grateful to be your wedding photographer!!!!

Jessica is no joke - she planned ahead and was 100% prepared to make this a successful session. She showed up with rollers in her hair, a full length mirror in the back of her rig and some amazingly coordinated outfits for the two of them! HELLO!!!! 

So grab a glass of wine, sit down, and join me as I swoon through this GORGEOUSNESS!!!!

Only 9 months and 4 days left Jess!

Enjoy every second of these next months! 



This is coming soon | Olympia Family Photographer

Holy smokes - does it get any cuter?

Age 3 and age almost 2.

More of these two coming soon....

The Flying U Ranch | BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!

Our happy place......

I think the first time we went to the Flying U Ranch was way back in 1997. Crazy, right?!! It became a tradition for us "pre-kids" and we went every year (and a few years, twice). We even got engaged up there! Sigh. Time flies! The last time we went was in 2005...Audrey was a little 1 year old peanut. Then we entered toddler/pregnancy/Nate/little kid-ville. 

So we had a break and waited patiently to share this little slice of heaven with our kids!! 

This past year I started having the rumblings of our need to return. I'm not lying when I say its literally the most serene place ever. I love it there. So in August, I was relaxing on the porch with my friend Missy sharing all the stories of the ranch. The kids were off playing, the boys went fishing and by the time they returned we had booked ourselves a long weekend in October to venture up to the land of awesomeness. 

I am SO grateful we got to share this adventure with some of our favorite friends! And here is what we experienced....

1. The kids blew our minds - they were amazing riders, fell in love with the land, cried when they had to leave their horses, and proclaimed this as the best vacation spot ever. Oh, and they would like to live there. 
2. The Australian ranch hand, Brett....HANDS DOWN FAVORITE!!! He was so gracious and kind and I enjoyed watching him try to lasso Nathan (I'm not joking). 
3. Best tomato soup I've ever had. 
4. Kids running free and never having to worry. Dads getting sidetracked in the saloon and moms cozy by the fire in the lodge. 
5. Bless Crystal and Blaze. They were so gracious to their riders and being kicked all day as Nate and Addison tried to get them running. 
6. Movie night in the Flying U Theater - best ever - and best popcorn ever. 
7. The Flying U Store. Seriously - my son and souvenir shops. Need I say more? 
8. The cabins have no heat. So dads LOVE to build roaring fires to make it all cozy. Then 2am hits and every door and window is open because it's SO STINKING HOT!!! 
9. We LOVE Pinky, Blacky and Whitey.
10. The Gendreau and Sebren kids have some pretty nice dance moves (cue the Flying U Band song). 

In summary, we cannot wait to go back and are so grateful that the Flying U Tradition will be continuing in our families!!!! And now for some pics.....


Stacy and Melody
Audrey and Java
Todd and Autumn
Jenna and Bo
Nathan and Crystal
Addison and Blaze



We love you Flying U and the Fremlin family for running such a fantastic family experience!!!



My zombie.
Who was SO sad to wash this awesomeness off last night before bed. 

Let the spooky begin....

Happy Friday.


Wyatt | Olympia Family Photographer

These three. SO. MUCH. LOVE. New parenthood is the sweetest.

I photographed these two getting married a few years back and photographing them as new parents.....AMAZING!

I feel so grateful for the "full circle moments" of life and feel even more honored to document them!

Little Wyatt - welcome to the world!!!! You are very, very loved!


Maddy | Senior Year | Amazing

Thank goodness I'm back over here on the blog. It's been a busy past month FULL of totally awesome shoots, some fun family time and tons of editing. I cannot wait to share it all. SO, now I blog....

This post will take few words. Why, you ask?

Because Maddy is smart, gorgeous, kind and loving. And all those qualities clearly came through in her  photos! You will see in a minute.

Daphne is Maddy's horse. And these two are just a couple peas in a pod! To say that Maddy loves Daphne is just the biggest understatement of the year! I loved photographing them together. In summary, this day was A-MAZING!

Maddy, I wish you the BEST senior year full of fun, adventure, friendship, and happy memories!


Nothing but love!

Happy Monday!


"Your Child In Pictures" and My First Image Published!!

SO, I'm kind of freaking out right now. Like, 'pinch myself is this really in front of my face' sort of thing. MeRa Koh is a an amazing photographer, outstanding writer, devoted mom, creative teacher and an inspiration to many! I attended her Confidence workshop nearly three years ago which truly propelled me toward launching my own photography business the same year. MeRa published "Your Baby in Pictures" a few years back (be sure to check it out) and the second in her series, "Your Child in Pictures", was released last week. It's is FULL of awesome ideas and tips for photographing all the important milestones of your child, ages 1-10. Last summer (2012), she put a call out for submissions for her book. I decided to go for it and sent one of my most FAVORITE photos of my son, dressed up as a Hot Air Balloon Pilot. Quite honestly, when he was 4, I took SO many pictures of him sleeping. It was the only time he was still. This particular night I put him to bed in his jammies, came back to check on him and found him conked out BACK in his costume (which I'm sure he wore for a month straight). Long story short, about a year ago I got an email saying my image had been chosen to be featured in MeRa's new book. I was so honored and totally not telling a soul until I saw it for real, in front of my face. Today, it was on my door step!!!!! EEK!!! Do NOT hesitate to buy this book. You will love having it on your bookshelf. Thank you MeRa and congratulations on the launch of your fantabulous book!!!!

Check out MeRa's book here...http://www.amazon.com/Your-Child-Pictures-Parents-Photographing/dp/0823086186/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1381441787&sr=1-1&keywords=your+child+in+pictures