12 - I love them!

Eek. She's 12. She is so special. She has the kindest and most fun friends. They are just solid and uncomplicated!

She's smart, witty, loving, organized, motivated, confident, articulate, compassionate, intuitive, balanced, she can read the vibe in a room in a half second, and she can call out my facial expressions like nobody's business.....she impresses me with her character every day. 

If she could only see herself through my eyes, she'd be knocked over by the pure love! 

Audrey - you are so loved.  Happy 12th!



The Keefe Family - All Love!

Let's talk about this sweet family. Their baby girl just turned 1, and it was time to get her documented! And did we ever! Apples don't fall far from trees in this family. It's love - all the way around. Hilarious, silly, goofy, full of personality, I adore them! 

Keefe family - I'm so grateful to have met you and love this growing friendship! And I'm SO glad we captured these special memories! 

Happy long weekend to you all! 



Krewedl Family of FOUR!!!!

Holy smokes you guys, you have NO idea how hard it was to not include like 50 pictures from this family session. I have been totally blessed to share in the journey of this absolutely beautiful family from the beginning. I love them all. Mom, dad, sister, brother.....they are so my people. This family is complete. And on this day, we captured moments that will forever go down as some of my favorites. I feel 10000% lucky to be their life documenter!!! Best ever!

So sit back and enjoy!

Side note - I may have been reliving my life about 9 years ago. Big sis, little brother. Best ever!

So. Much. Love. 

Happy Tuesday and go give your family a squeeze!!