Spring Love | Gig Harbor Photographer

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring around here!

And I am a BIG fan!

People think it rains in the Pacific Northwest all the time. 
And it can be pretty soggy from time to time.
But when the sun comes out. 

54 degrees + clouds = everyone in jackets
54 degrees + sun = slip n' slides and shorts. 
Well, I may exaggerate a little - but not much! 

This has been a very, very fun week in these parts. 
I got to hang out with some Kilner girls on Saturday. 
I do adore them! 

Especially when they try to do their own makeup with a pen! 

And then, the BEST part of all happens. 

I get an email from a boyfriend that says, "It's go time....can you be here?". 
And off I flew - to drop the kids off, grab my camera and head out on a gorgeous day!

Here's where it all went down! 

And a few minutes before this shot.....
He got down on one knee and proposed to one of the most amazing women I know!

And she said yes!!!! 

I think they are happy!

To Mandy and David:
I adore you both
I am SO happy for you
I feel privileged that I was in the loop and got to document one of the most special days of your lives!
You have such a bright future and I can't wait to watch you grow old together
Happy Engagement!

And most importantly David, welcome to our family (officially)!

And as the night winds down
I wish you all a week full of sun and after-dinner outside playtime!



And Just Like That - I Have a 9 Year Old!!!

Seriously - I cannot believe we are here again. Only now she is 9!! One year away from double digits, more than half way to her driver's license, and half way to graduation (thanks for pointing that one out Audrey).  

My little peanut who was 5 days late and was born a wise, old soul! 

In summary - here she is in a nutshell. 

A GREAT COOK (she made her own birthday cake this year)

Birthdays around here are all about tradition. 

Decorated doors
Choosing whatever you want to eat for all three meals
(orange crush and waffles for breakfast, thank you very much)
Listening to their cheesy "Birthday song CD"
LOADS of hugs
Sappy mom
You know.....traditions!

Anyone who knows my daughter might recall she likes to make lists.  
Well, on this day.....her little brother came in with a list of his own for her birthday....
(hide and seek, tag, Candyland, build fort, make an obstacle course, go bowling, I go to grandmas)

Honestly - he kills me! 

Her day was simple.
Her inner circle of friends (who I imagine will be in her age 18 blog post)
Play at home

It wasn't long ago they were all toothless and adorable like this

And now they are all big like this! Such beauties inside and out!

 These two have been buddies since the womb. Be still my heart. (Lisa - I'm dying here)

A - we love you to the moon and heavens and back again times a million!!! 
-Mama and Papa


We bowled.
My son is a pretty easy read, emotionally.

This sums up the highs and lows of his bowling experience for the day! 

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!!!



My Awesome Co-workers....

It's 8pm. The kids are in bed. My son is crashed and my daughter is almost there. Now its time for me to sit back and wrap up my experience these past four months in this blog post.

Back in November I was super blessed to attend Jasmine Star's photography workshop. Remember this? CLICK HERE  for a quick reminder!  It pretty much rocked my world and my business! You see, 2012 was my first full year in biz.....and it was fantastic (best.clients.ever - no joke - I love you guys)! I learned so much and I knew I definitely had some "behind the scenes" work to do (the business end of things, to be more specific).

Jasmine talked about a lot of things at our workshop, but I think one of the biggest lessons learned and something I truly believe in, is the power of a community. Working together toward a common goal.....pooling our strengths to make us stronger as individuals. I really believe that about life in general, but when I left Jasmine's workshop it was oozing out of my pours!

I came back from Orange County M.O.T.I.V.A.T.E.D!

I have so much love to pour out in this blog post! Quite honestly I could write a list a mile long of the SUPER AWESOME photographers I've met in the past four months...there are so many!!! So tonight I will give you the highlights!!!

Let's start with Heather Allison (check out Heather's website here). She's super amazing....was my roommate in the O.C. and is a fellow Seattle photographer! She became a fast friend, co-worker, fashion advice giver and all around fabulous comrade! We came home and were determined to find like-minded photog friends who could share information with each other, support each other, hold each other accountable to our goals, share real life, refer to each other and become friends! Insert Jami (CLICK HERE) and Joni (CLICK HERE) and we were off to an amazing start!

*****and then the flood gates opened up*****

In a whirlwind I randomly *and was destined* to meet Melissa Kilner (who is pretty much my neighbor) and Nikki Closser (love her more than ever). Fast friends who I adore!

And then, I was selected to be in the studio audience for RESTART......hello three more months of Jasmine Star!

But seriously, you guys, the best part of this whole experience is the friendships made, the connections, the people that have become my dear friends! I feel like I have photography co-workers and life friends and its so awesome!

There were people that flew to Seattle from all over the country and Canada.....so amazing.  Jasmine (per usual) had so much insight and realness for us all. What a gift that was!

******So to my favorite photographer friends (clicking on their name will take you to their websites) Jami EricksonLaura MarchbanksStephanie DyanAmanda Lloyd, Lisa JumpTosha TerpilowskiHannah NielsenAdrien CravenJoni GirvanConchita MedelDy LengKim RossiSarah SweetmanGretchen KorfGenesis WheelerJulianna RennardJoe TobiasonWhitney and KelRyan Greenleaf, Rachel RP ImageryJennifer WeemsRalph MisaJoy + Amber, Ashlee LayneJenna LeighTami InoueKylene ConradAlaina Rau BosYasmin SaraiJen Gaudreau (my last name almost twin)Cassie OlimbAmanda WaltmanJulie HillCherish Bryck,  Kathryn Stevens, and Desiree Rohlfs........I loved sharing this experience with you!

I highly recommend you all follow these outstanding photographers on Facebook or their websites - because they are super fun, hilarious, talented and destined for big things!

I will wrap up tonight with some more photos from our fun day last week.

This is Melissa and her hunky husband post-RESTART. This girl deserved every bottle of wine in the room after her business makeover. Well, and Brian (her hubby) also deserved a few bottles of his own (way to hold down the fort these few months Brian)!


Behind the scenes during the big 'website reveal'!! Amazing. 

Serioulsy - I adore this girl! She's got it going on!
Thanks Jasmine - for so so SO much!

SO, in summary.....

1. I'm so grateful!!
2. I love my co-workers so much (like more than you can imagine)
3. I'm currently working with a graphic designer to Staci-fy my website (cannot wait)!
4. I'm SO ready for the longer, lighter, warmer days of spring and some FABULOUS shooting!

Happy Tuesday!



Glamour Shoot - Nikki Closser Photography - the BEST day!!!!!!

BEST DAY EVER! There is just no other way to describe this this totally fantastic experience!  In a short time, Nikki Closser has become a fabulous friend in my world. I'm pretty sure she's a BFF from a previous life! We can chat on the phone for hours like a couple of 7th graders! I love it and adore her! 

Nikki is a Seattle based Wedding Photographer and is amazing all the way around!  You can check out more of her work HERE! She's so talented, don't ya think?!!!!

So, it started a few months back......we are out to dinner.....Nikki is talking about her glamour portrait photography and suggests I come sit for her. SIGN ME UP!!!!! Have you seen her pictures?? 

Now, you must understand......until this day, I had NEVER had my makeup professionally done! EVER!! No joke! I'm a simple girl - and I love my yoga pants!!!! HA! So on this fabulous February day, the kids got off to school....I wrapped up my work for the day....and I took off to Nordstrom's to get a little help in the makeup department! I wish I had brought my camera, because my MAC makeup counter artist was AMAZING - and obviously made a good little commission on me too! Job well done! Then, it was off to Nikki's!

Nikki - you made this mama feel like I was on vacation for the day! You are super talented at what you do and I appreciated every minute of our day. Thank you for giving me a reason to file my nails, curl my hair, get out of my yoga pants and take a day for me!!! I LOVE MY PICTURES!

If you want to have a special day just for you, contact Nikki!!! You will not be disappointed, I promise!!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!



The "Get Along Shirt" / Gig Harbor Family Style

This little number was crafted by my husband months ago. Today in the grey, Seattle rain - my kids came upon it and have been running crazy in it together for the past 1/2 hour. Laughing, screaming, rolling, playing. HYSTERICAL!!!!

Happy Saturday!