The Graham Family Rocks It | Seattle Family Photographer

This was the perfect Saturday morning to play!
And I LOVE Pike Place Market.

Add these four - and you have perfection.
Blakely, the gorgeous mom, is a college/life friend.
I was so excited when she called to tell me they were coming up to visit
and that she wanted to do family photos!
Sign me up.

Blakely and Scott's wolf and kitten kids are 5 1/2 and just turned 4.
It's busy in their house. And the imaginative play is AWESOME!
It took me about 5 seconds to fall in love with them.

Then Lula does stuff like this - and I'm toast.
I think this image sums up everything about parenting young children!  

Seriously Blakely - you are just stunning!

And Scott just took the award for my favorite dad picture ever!

Lula - sometimes there are just no words. You are one loved little lady!

Be still my heart.....

This is them......totally !

My friend - in 20 years you'll look back on this and cry.
And if you don't - I will!
Mothers and sons....
(I super love your fringed purse, by the way)

I heart brothers and sisters.

You two.
I love your family's love!
And, I just adore you!

If you'd like to see a few more from this fun morning and put a smile on your face, you can check out their slideshow here. Graham Family Slideshow

Happy Day!


Girls and Boys

This weekend was a much needed stay at home weekend. 
Lots of play and (for me) out all junk drawers, cupboards, under beds, in closets....etc etc etc. 

I should really have a picture of the back of my Pilot, which is currently stuffed with many donations! 

During my mania, which started in my kids' rooms, I started looking around. 
And then I grabbed my camera. 

Tonight is simple. 

Nate went out Friday and picked he and Audrey a fresh bouquet of flowers from the yard. 
(don't be fooled-he probably handed them to her, then "accidentally" shoved her on his way out)
Such different set-ups!

Boy closet.
Girl closet.

Boy shelf.
Girl shelf. 

Boy crafting. 
Girl crafting. 


I love them.
Their similarities.
And their differences. 
May they always be each others' yin and yang. 

Hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend.


A Father's Day note to my favorite person!

          Father’s Day 2013 

To my most favorite person in the world. I wish you the most wonderful Father’s Day. A day to celebrate the fabulous person you are.

And a day to thank you for being the most amazing dad!  

Every day – just by being you - you teach our daughter what to look for in a partner. 
You show her about patience, and unconditional love, respect, never giving up, kindness, adventure, strength, and compassion for others.

Every day you teach our son what it means to be a good man. 
You teach him how to be respectful of others, how to treat women, 
how to find excitement in life (in a healthy way), and how to go after what you love in a kind way. 

And you teach them about a life love for ice cream and motorcycles. I can’t forget that. 

They are so lucky to have you!  I mean, seriously lucky!

And me? Well, being your wife pretty much rules! Yes we bug each other from time to time and I talk WAAAAAAY  too much a lot of the time! But you are the person I can’t wait to see at the end of every day. I laugh when I send you a rambling email and you respond with one word. Your loud sneezes (I mean, seriously you have to get that under control), your witty comebacks to my antics, our across the room glances, the way you say out loud what I was JUST thinking (freaks me out all the time). I love all those things. I love our life together and could never imagine a more perfect match for me!   
Parenting with you is an adventure of a lifetime and I’m enjoying the ride!

Being a family means you are part of something wonderful! It means you love and will be loved for the rest of your life. No matter what.

I love our family. I love you!

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest guy I know! And thanks for being the perfect dad for our kids!  

All my love,


Emily | Olympia Photographer

This is Emily. 

She is 17 (almost 18). 
She is a dancer (pointe ballet is her fav).
She is a nanny. 
She is an honor's student. 
She is a daughter and sister and friend. 

She is basically - AWESOME!

Her dad and sister brought her down so we had some fun before we shifted gears for Emily's pics!
Brent and Michaela - you have some pretty amazing young ladies!

Like I said - Emily is a dancer......and she is no joke! 
And thanks Annie for being my assistant!


Emily - I wish you the best last year of high school. 
You have such a bright future!!!!

Happy weekend!


More to come....sneak peek of Emily

This is Emily. 
There is more to come of this gorgeous girl. 
I just had to post this. 

She loves Pointe Ballet! 

Emily - you are just super beautiful - inside and out! 

Happy Friday!


Amalfi Coast, Italy | European Photography

So, I've been DYING to write this blog post. 
One of the highlights of our trip was traveling the Amalfi Coast of Italy. 
I mean, honestly, it's beyond description - no lie! 

On this day, grandma and grandpa decided it was a "home day". 
The offered to take the kids for the day. 
And, well, it took about two seconds for my husband to suggest a scooter rental. 
For anyone that knows Todd, his love of motorcycles....well, it's also beyond words. 
The scooter was no motorcycle, but it did the trick for this day. 

The Amalfi Coast is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula. 
It's 25 miles of the most a-freaking-mazing landscape you've ever seen. 
I've never driven on a road as skinny where scooters dodge tour busses that you just can't believe fit on this road. It's CRAZY! 

 I think I said "Holy C**P" about 100 times! 
Both for the views as well as my husband who drove that scooter like a true Italian!

So join me tonight as we tour the most gorgeous coastline you've ever seen!


That's right baby! I know you are jealous of that helmet.

 Such a babe!


 Thanks tour guide guy! 

 And this is Amalfi! 
If you look toward the left of the picture you'll see a resort. 
That's an elevator that takes people down to beach level. 
Literally these towns are built into a cliff! 

Ravello. Loved it there.

Really, pictures just don't do it justice! 
100% breathtaking! 

Oh Italy

How I love you so!



Taylor Turns 9 | Olympia Event Photographer

Recently, I had the pleasure of collaborating again with super fabulous event coordinator, Krista, 
at Hoopla Events and amazing stylist, Heather, at Two Crafty Teachers
I'm telling you, these ladies know how to throw a party. 
This one was for Heather's daughter, Taylor, who just turned 9! 

I walked in, met Taylor, took one look at her mismatched socks and felt right at home.
(I will say that this phase of mismatched sock-wearing makes laundry way easier) 
I love age 9! And I loved meeting her! 
These little girls are turning into young ladies right in front of our eyes! 

Taylor had a bowling party. 
A group of 3rd grade girls - giggling, eating and being 9!

And as you can see - these ladies do not miss a beat in covering every detail. 

Heather even put together a photo booth. So stinkin' cute! 

Such a fun memory for Taylor! 

I think this pretty much sums up her day! 
Good Friends! Goofy Girls!
I love it!

Happy Birthday Sweet Taylor