Almost 12......

She's in 6th grade this year.

She turns 12 in a month.

She's totally smart and kind and beautiful inside and out.

She is so intuitive and aware and observant and articulate and way excellent at problem solving. Her communication skills are out of this world. When she was 3, her preschool teacher said, "Audrey is the quietest person in my class, but she knows everything going on in every corner of the room and with every person in the room." Some things never change!

Watching her with her brother is amazing....I mean, they are really becoming such peers/buddies at age 11 and 9. They love hard and fight hard. I may have found them in her room yesterday playing cards. Quietly. Not kidding.  I remind them all the time that they have to always look out for the other and always be there for one another no matter how annoyed they are! And I remind Nate ALL the time that he has NO idea how lucky he is - because she sees to it that things just run smoothly for him! And watch out if he crosses her line. I mean, WATCH OUT!  **he may have asked me for a lock on his door for such instances**

But back to Audrey. I took this pic of her the other day for her 12th birthday invite. Honestly. Sometimes I'm just plain knocked over by the incredible person she is and is becoming.

I hope your Monday is magnificent.