2012 rewind....

Today I sit here with my family after a full day of fun, skiing, pizza and snowy bliss. I'm not sure how many of us will make it til' midnight....but if my kids have anything to say about it, the 8 year old and 6 year old WILL make it!

I figured I'd sit down and keep myself busy with a blog post. So here we go. 

I cannot believe my first FULL season of Lauren Oliver Photography is complete! WHAT a year! I have so many thanks to give to all of you for your totally amazing support, your business, your positive words....you all are my best marketing ever! Sharing in your lives is seriously a blast and after every session, I feel like I have new friends! 

I'm shaking things up a bit for 2013 and have begun working on a new website! My blog will remain and I completely enjoy this aspect of my business and life! There are so many exciting things coming along...and I can't wait to share it with all of you. BUT - before we move forward, I have to reflect over the past year. 

When I did Jasmine Star's workshop in November (yes, best thing ever and I'm about to do round two next week).....she asked us to identify three words that describe our brand. My three words??


SO, as I perused all the beautiful images from this past year (both personal and professional), I tried to choose the ones that really really really reflect me, my brand, and the type of images I LOVE!!!!!

To all of you I photographed this year, THANK YOU!!!! I literally relived all your shoots today as I looked through this past year. I'm pretty sure I had perm-a-grin sitting at my laptop!!!!

I hope you enjoy!

And tonight, I end with my three favorite people in the whole wide world!!!! 

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Wishing you a tremendously amazing 2013!!!

And THANK YOU - from the bottom of my heart!




Merry Christmas Eve....

Twas' the night before Christmas......

The house is quiet.....

The kids are asleep (and I think Todd may be asleep down there too)......

I'm feeling peaceful and blessed and very grateful tonight.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being in my life as family, friends, clients......blessings!!!

I wish you the merriest of Christmases full of love, peace, family, yummy food, slippers on your feet, and warm tea in your cup (or wine, or Bailey's or your drink of choice). Warm hugs coming your way tonight!

So today, my daughter walked out of her room looking ADORABLE, per her usual (trust me, her fashion sense did not come from me). She can take 'not much' and make it SHAZAM!! Anyways, I thought it would be fun to stop along the way to grandma's to take some pictures.

For any of you that think that taking photos of your own family is super fun....let me just say that for me....NOT SO MUCH! I had a not so into it 8 year old....a wild "can I jump off the dock" 6 year old and a husband who just wanted to get the hell out of there.

BUT, despite it all, I thought I'd share a few of our photos from today! My kids are not the typical "can you hold hands and walk" or "can you hug" types of siblings (as you can see)! BUT....they do like to have fun!

Merry Christmas!!!! Happy New Year! Hug your kids and your families tight!!!


Morton Family / Tacoma Family Photographer


So, a few things about this family. We met them this fall at the BMX track. Zach - age 14 (almost 15) happens to be this super cool, amazing and very kind guy!!! And to say that my son (age 6 and new BMX'er) thinks he's cool, is THE biggest understatement of the year!!!

He looks like this sometimes....

But he cleans up pretty nicely!!! Super handsome/cool!

And then there is Maddy......age 16 (almost 17).  Total, 100% beauty inside and out! She's smart, talented, kind, fun, outgoing, witty, driven, clearly a great older sister.....and I got all that in about an hour of hanging out with her. You are awesome Maddy!

I love this smile!!

And then there are the parents. Obviously the apples fell from this tree!  Jami, I'm pretty sure, is a BFF from a past life. I have a feeling we have many glasses of wine to drink together in our future! HA! And this dad - SO SO SO loved and so loving!!!! You two are adorable!

I think the rest of these pretty much just wrap the Morton family up into a nice bow! They are hysterical and loving and so fun!!!!

As I said in my quick post last night - these two I LOVED!!!!! As I watched them interact and pick on each other and have fun, I kept thinking, "this is SO my kids in 9 years!!!!" 

Love those smiles and laughs!


Heart melter....

Thanks you guys for letting me chase you around! And for all the laughs! That was super fun!

To check out their slideshow CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas!


Brothers and Sisters...

So, there is going to be a big ol' family post to follow this over the weekend.


I am pretty sure this is one of my most favorite brother-sister pictures EVER!!!!!!

It's crying for a canvas Jami....

And shooting this big sister and little brother just made my heart jump, flip, crack up and fast forward about 9 years. You see - they are ADORABLE and hilarious and sassy and so so funny!  All I kept thinking was, "no way - this is so my kids in 9 years"!  Maddy and Zach - thanks for giving me hope and a look at what's coming down the hopper!!!!

More to come.......many, many more.......

Happy Friday!



Not too long ago, my little Nathan looked like this....

And on this December morning....he turned 6!!!!

The day started off with a breakfast of champions. In our house, on your birthday, you get to pick out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nate wasted no time choosing wisely! When it only happens once a year - you learn quickly to do it right!

And then FINALLY, it was party time. This year, it was a pool party......he sat patiently and waited for his buddies to arrive! Everything was in place........party favors, 5 plates of Doritos - you know, everything!


All our favorite peeps were in the house!!!!!!! 

Even little Alia (who turns 1 on Christmas) enjoyed the festivities!

She's just gearing up for her own partay in a few weeks!!!! 

You go girl!!! Maximize the cupcake offer from Uncle Todd!!! 

Excuse my quick sidetrip down memory lane! They've been buddies since the womb and are only two weeks apart. LOVE THEM!


Now, THE most exciting news of the day!!! NATE LOST HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!!! It's been loose for a while. Today right before gift opening he suddenly realized it was hanging by a thread! I thought he might suddenly burst in to tears and/or throw up (ok, kidding). But, he was totally freaked out. His friends quickly made all attempts to reassure him that 1. it wouldn't hurt and 2. there were many techniques to get it out faster.

FINALLY, tonight right before bed he let me give it a little wiggle and it fell into my hands.

His happy dance was hysterical and he proclaimed this "THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!". His tooth is tucked carefully under his pillow and he's READY for the morning.

To those of you that made this day even more special.....BIG, GIANT thanks!!!!!

Seriously, how did I get a 6 year old and an 8 year old??!!!!

Feeling blessed, grateful and holding my kids very tightly tonight!

Happy Sunday!