Puerto Rico (with no kids)!!!

Ah.....warm Puerto Rico.

Last month Todd and I had a work conference/mini vaca in fabulous San Juan, Puerto Rico! I like having conferences in tropical locations. Whoever thought of that was clearly awesome!

Old San Juan was amazing.....and made me very excited for our 2013 European adventure. Cobblestone roads, colorful buildings, tapas and sangria galore......LOVED it! The only difference is on that trip we will have little people....this trip....NO little people !!!!

Here are a few of my fav photos!!!!

Hey, handsome guy!!

Roaming Old San Juan, after the best dinner EVER!!!! 

Thanks, random nice guy for snapping our pic!!!

Seriously, so gorgeous!!!

Loved Puerto Rico......and many thanks to grandma who TOTALLY held the fort down!

Now, back to the cold, hot chocolate and Baileys!!



So, I figured it out and I feel fully vindicated tonight!!!! I love Showit!!!!

Click on the link below and see what I did!!! FYI , these are my in-laws....


Jan and Lee




Yes.....big exhale. That's what we do here.....cabin weekend for us. Perfect for after Thanksgiving!!!

I have not had my computer on since Wednesday night when I shut it down.....and I must say it has been lovely! As I sit here typing my daughter, says...."mama, you are typing fast....are you writing a new blog post?" HA! What a crack up. She says she can always tell by my funny smiling and fast typing.

Anyhoo - I thought I'd share a few pictures from my day as I strolled around here. Fall is heading out and the beginnings of winter are peeking through. Michael Buble is playing faintly and my inner love of the holidays is emerging.

As I sip my glass of Pinot Grigio - I toast you all and wish you a fabulous rest of the weekend!

A given....

Super chill....

Everyone is super chill.....

Happy end of November....


Twas' the night before Thanksgiving....

So, this has been SUCH a busy few weeks for me. Fantastic, but busy!!!!!! Tonight, I slowly cleaned the house up, prepped for tomorrow, played with the kids (sort of), got them tucked into their respective dreamworlds, and FINALLY sat down to watch last night's episode of Parenthood. Do you think I could find the Comcast remote anywhere?????? NO!!!! Apparently Nate got a little ticked off today when Todd turned off the TV....we think he may have stashed it. So, no Parenthood. Here's to hoping my son will retrieve it quickly and effortlessly in the morning (fingers crossed)!

But ultimately it was meant to be...... because I realized how many gorgeous family photos I have to post. So, away I go.

As I reflect this night before Thanksgiving, I feel so incredibly grateful. Grateful for my life, my husband, my cool kids and my FABULOUS clients who allow me to capture a small moment of their world!!! I'm so 100% thankful.

My families are so amazing and I appreciate the kind words you spread.....which leads me to other, new and fabulous families! THANK YOU so so so much!

So, here we go. Sit back, relax and check this gorgeousness out! (You may need to pour a glass of wine - there's quite a few)!

These two are my in-laws. He turns 70 this year, she's retiring in March and they JUST celebrated 35 years together. This shoot will go down in history as one of my favs. They were real, fun, connected and SO playful! 
I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! 

And these three. 
They just moved here last January. 
And it started to rain 15 minutes into their shoot. 
As I snapped the umbrella picture below, I knew it had to be their Christmas card.
I mean, what says Seattle like a family shoot in the rain! 
You guys are awesome! 

And as quick as the weather changes...
so does the mood of the 1 year old. 
Oh sweet buddy - we are done!!! 

LOVE this crew!
And I love watching them grow and change! 
It was a bit drizzly - but that's what it's like here in November....
so we press through and get ADORABLE pictures like the ones below! 

Ahhhh, handsomest ever! 

And handsomest ever, take two!

My sister (and her family)
Alia turns 1 on Christmas. 
LOVE them! 

My last family to share...
Look at her......
You'd think this shoot was about her! 

But clearly, we have a new addition to the family....


Teeny baby cries......so sweet....

And PURE love!!! 
Big print on wall please!!! 

I realize 1 week olds don't smile....
But his yawn turned into one and let us all know what he'll be doing in about 5 weeks!!!!
I love it! 

So this is a quick look at my last few weeks!!! It's been full, and perfectly lovely!

Wishing you a very relaxing, filling, blessed, family filled Thanksgiving!


Jasmine Star.....

Last week I flew down to Cali to attend Jasmine Star's workshop (insert image of me freaking out here). I am still searching for the words to describe my experience (as there are so many). But I will say this....Jasmine and JD (her husband, second shooter, partner in crime, nicest guy ever) are two of the kindest, smartest, most transparent, supportive, encouraging, straight forward people I've ever met. They are a dynamic duo and I feel so privileged to have met them. Their workshop really is transformative.

And although everything she talked about was related to photography and the business end of it - the bigger picture is so clear to me. It all goes back to the kind of person you want to be. The message you want to send into the world about the type of person you truly are. Because no matter what type of work you do, that is what will make you stand out from everyone else.

And the other highlight?? Beside me sat 17 other amazing photographers who were soaking up every bit of Jasmine as well! They are all unique, talented, super fun, and so creative!! I feel lucky to be connected to them and have shared this experience! I am forever your cheering squad guys!!! 

Check them out when you have a chance (just click on their name)!!!! 

Kendra: I'll be watching for your website!!!!!! You have the brightest future!!!!  

Imagine shooting alongside Jasmine Star......fun right? Well, that's what we did. We got to watch, ask questions, absorb it all! Seeing her in action was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!  And we could all have a turn taking the lead if we wanted. Nauseating shooting in front of your peers? TOTALLY! Was I so glad I did it?? TOTALLY!!!  Here are some of my most favorite images from the day! 

Seriously - these two were gorgeous!!!! The "bride" is Tiffany Jahangiri and she is an amazing photographer as well! 

Best week ever! 

Thanks to Jasmine, JD, and all my new favorite photog friends! Can't wait to see you shine!

And thanks to my fav guy, Todd, for keeping the home front humming while I was away. You are the absolute best! 

Wishing you the happiest of days!



A post-spooky hello to you all!

I hope you are enjoying this dreary, cold, post sugar high Thursday with some quiet (thank goodness for the bus this morning) and a cup of warm tea! 

I'm about to settle into some work, but felt the need to do a quick write up of our Halloween festivities. 

My hubby and I just returned late Monday from a quick escape to Puerto Rico - part work and part fun (that's another blog post to come). We hit the sack early Tuesday (around 1:30am)  followed by a whirl of catch-up...then Halloween hit yesterday. YIKES - not feeling very on top of this fan favorite spooky day in my house! The rain poured (no complaints given I have family on the east coast) and we weren't sure trick r' treating would be very fun. But, alas, the rain only drizzled and the Gendreaus successfully enjoyed Halloween. We live in a small town and the business owners downtown close up shop around 3:30, dress up and hand out candy to all the locals! It's so fun and a tradition my kids LOVE!!!!

This year my yin and yang, I mean son and daughter, chose the most appropriate costumes......she was an adorable cowgirl....HE was a gross swamp monster - both were fully in character and had a blast.

As I perused my captures this morning I also strolled down memory lane a few years past and decided to share some of my all time fav family Halloween pictures here!!!! 

I hope you all had a fun, safe, spooky Halloween! 

And really, its November 1st. How on earth did that happen?

The purple dragon and the chicken. Really a classic beyond words!!
I still get this look sometimes - 8 years later. 

The purple dragon costume just really needed to be retired.
He obviously wasn't a fan either! 

No words here. Best dad EVER!!!!!!

Love her!!!

Hot air ballon pilot - he wore it every day for about a month! 

And now we arrive in 2012
Swamp Monster
It was love at first sight for my son! 

And my cowgirl was pretty pleased as well!

And to anyone who wonders if my kids are always workable for photos. 
Not so much......see, it's her look again! She's so over my photog requests here! HA!!!

Happy Thursday. 

I'm going to try to ignore the candy spread all over my counter during the intense trade that happened right before the bus came !