“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.” ― Maya Angelou

I was digging through a drawer tonight and found an old book full of some great quotes. I loved this little gem.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.”  ― Maya Angelou

So simple and so profound. I think I was meant to be reminded of this tonight. The past week, I have been dealing with some serious cloud action between my kids.  I mean, watch out when their clouds collide! And I'm the first to admit my response was not the most helpful at times! But, we live and learn and we stumble upon old books that remind us of simple ways to make change. It is a new day!

So tonight I'm spreading the love of parent and child. I have been blessed with some seriously awesome families the past month!!!! And in 20-30 years when these kids look back at these moments I hope they feel the love of their family. Because each of them is loved, seen, valued and cherished. It doesn't matter if they are having a cloudy or sunny day (because we all have them), they are loved all the same. 

I'm gonna be doing my best to bust out my rainbow next week!

Thanks Maya Angelou for the reminder tonight!



Girl + Labradoodle = Only LOVE!

I realized a few days ago that the person/animal most happy about summer break is Wyatt.

I mean, hello, his favorite people in the world home ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY!

I often say that Wyatt and Nate are the same being - just boy and dog. Energy, crazy, happy, joyful, lover of all people! They really are! 

But when Wyatt wants to feel only love he goes and finds her. She trains him to do tricks, she plays (both crazily and lovingly) always, she lets him in every night while she reads (then boots him out before she goes to sleep), she feeds him,  she carries him around everywhere, she snuggles, she gives him treats.....basically she is his person. 

I love them. 

Happy Summer!


Seattle Family Photography - Kieryn + Her Adorable Parents = Mega Snuggles

Happy almost last day of June! I can't believe it's nearly July!  As my son said to me a few days, back....."Mama - it's my half birthday and half way to Christmas"!  Yikes - thanks Nate!

I hope you are all enjoying these warm, summery nights!

First and foremost, tonight is about this awesome, hilarious,  fun-loving, sweet family! I have been blessed to photograph them on several occasions and feel more and more connected each time celebrating all these life phases.

On this particular day, we celebrated their sweet girl's 1 year birthday! Let me just say she was completely 1...full of personality...the best expressions...the most hilarious looks...perfection!!!! I will leave it at that and simply share the major snuggles that happened on this springy Seattle morning. She is one lucky little lady and very loved by two fabulous parents!

Brianne and Mark - you all are the best and I TOTALLY love being your paparazzi!



Blended Families Rule!

This town I live in is so diverse......you can pretty much find the most awesome locations for photos regardless of your desires....woodsy, beach, waterfront, city-ish vibe. I seriously love it. And I LOVE this little area where my siblings descended on this fabulous day! It's like the best light bubble in the city!

Auntie Stacy was in full swing on this particular day and we were hustling to outrun the scary black clouds!!!

A little back story on my two sisters and brother.....long ago my mom married their dad and we quickly became a family and all these years later we love each other more than ever! They are amazing people in this world, chose partners equally as awesome, and have made some pretty cute babies!!! I adore them to the moon!

So here we go........get ready for some cuteness!!


Kenzie may have sorta stole the show on this day. 
Thus is age 1!!!

Man, he tried everything. 
She just wasn't having this. 
And I proclaim this a classic wedding slideshow photo for you someday Kenzie!

Jason - you truly are the perfect dad for these two. 
Someday I know your sweet boy will look at this photo and feel your love! 

Now, these four.......they are just plain rad! 
He loves his girls - there is NO question about it! 

And this final image! Their mom drove hours to be here for this! 
And this picture is 150% worth it. 
And when my kids are grown I will drive anywhere for grown up pictures with them! 
Legacy all the way! 

Blended families rule!

Love you all!!!



The Jacklin Family + a morning at Eddon Boat Dock = AWESOME!

You guys have to know that when you share nice words about my photography and business I totally, 100% appreciate it. And when you send your fabulous friends my way I am nothing but flattered and so completely grateful. And more times than not, I meet one of your fabulous friends and they leave being one of mine!!!!  That's how I know my clients are exactly perfect for me! I love it!

This particular family was meant to become a LOP client and I just loved meeting them all! The Jacklins are a crew of eight - six kids and the most loving mom and dad! Their story is a very special one. Many anniversaries were being celebrated on this day and they won me over in a heartbeat.

Ava (mom) talked about the importance of having this session with her "core" family. Now, if any of you know me, you know I'm all about the core family photo and how important I think it is (regardless of age) to always have photos with your main people! It's part of the legacy.....

To the Jacklins......I came away from this session knowing this about you all.....you love through anything, even when you are annoyed you find humor, you protect one another to the core and your bond is unbreakable.

I think these photos show just that!!!  Enjoy!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!



Today is Memorial Day! Honestly, how is it the end of May?!!!

We had a friend-filled family weekend away and I was reminded of how grateful I am for the little things. Our freedoms in this country are beyond and I never want to forget that.

Tonight, I'm keeping it short and sweet and I think this quote just sums it up......

"The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children." --William Harvard

Enjoy your days!


The O'Byrne Fam.....Love them!!!!

These four are some of my favs ever! Sometimes you know you were just supposed to meet! This is definitely one of those cases. It started with Krista a few years back. She is the fabulous owner at Hoopla Events and an event coordinator, extraordinaire! Well, then I met the rest of her core people, and I loved them just as much.

So this day, we decided to venture up to my neck of the woods and grab some family photos.

What I love about Krista? So much - but I totally love that in the "thick of it" (which is what I call the phase of life with kids 5 and under...with work....and life....and all that)....she never misses a chance to photograph the heck out of her family! And I am SO glad that I often get to be the photographer!!!!!

Love you O'Byrnes!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!