Quick Moments....That Mean the World to Me

Sometimes, I'm buzzing around and  I walk past a room with a door open and I see this.....and then I somehow manage to RUN to my camera and catch the moment right before it ends. Because, you see, these moments of quiet and stillness are rare for these two (at least when they are together). It's all fast and all blur and all laughing hysterically.

So tonight I'm grateful for a quiet moment.

And I'm grateful for my boys :)


12 - I love them!

Eek. She's 12. She is so special. She has the kindest and most fun friends. They are just solid and uncomplicated!

She's smart, witty, loving, organized, motivated, confident, articulate, compassionate, intuitive, balanced, she can read the vibe in a room in a half second, and she can call out my facial expressions like nobody's business.....she impresses me with her character every day. 

If she could only see herself through my eyes, she'd be knocked over by the pure love! 

Audrey - you are so loved.  Happy 12th!



The Keefe Family - All Love!

Let's talk about this sweet family. Their baby girl just turned 1, and it was time to get her documented! And did we ever! Apples don't fall far from trees in this family. It's love - all the way around. Hilarious, silly, goofy, full of personality, I adore them! 

Keefe family - I'm so grateful to have met you and love this growing friendship! And I'm SO glad we captured these special memories! 

Happy long weekend to you all! 



Krewedl Family of FOUR!!!!

Holy smokes you guys, you have NO idea how hard it was to not include like 50 pictures from this family session. I have been totally blessed to share in the journey of this absolutely beautiful family from the beginning. I love them all. Mom, dad, sister, brother.....they are so my people. This family is complete. And on this day, we captured moments that will forever go down as some of my favorites. I feel 10000% lucky to be their life documenter!!! Best ever!

So sit back and enjoy!

Side note - I may have been reliving my life about 9 years ago. Big sis, little brother. Best ever!

So. Much. Love. 

Happy Tuesday and go give your family a squeeze!!


The Holland Family ~ Seattle Family Photographer ~ Only LOVE!

The older I get, the more I truly believe that we meet people in life that we are meant to meet......whether business or personal or by chance.  This family was no different. I'd met Sarah and Danny and their sweet boy a few years back (you can click here HERE for a reminder)! And of course I loved them. Instant friends!

Fast forward a few years, and a verrrrry rainy day, and I got to meet the rest of Danny's family! They were fabulous and loving and hilarious and I'd felt like I'd known them forever. Now, I did say it was rainy, right? Well, it was pouring, true Northwest style! Sixteen family members traveled near and far for this photo shoot. So, we made it happen. You give me a window with pretty natural light, and I can make it happen!!!! Family shoot of 16 all inside!! Success! 

Holland Family - you all are the best! 

I think every grandparent should have this photo!!

Big anniversary, retirement, beautiful life! 

I felt super lucky to capture this day!

Happy 1st day of spring!!!



Almost 12......

She's in 6th grade this year.

She turns 12 in a month.

She's totally smart and kind and beautiful inside and out.

She is so intuitive and aware and observant and articulate and way excellent at problem solving. Her communication skills are out of this world. When she was 3, her preschool teacher said, "Audrey is the quietest person in my class, but she knows everything going on in every corner of the room and with every person in the room." Some things never change!

Watching her with her brother is amazing....I mean, they are really becoming such peers/buddies at age 11 and 9. They love hard and fight hard. I may have found them in her room yesterday playing cards. Quietly. Not kidding.  I remind them all the time that they have to always look out for the other and always be there for one another no matter how annoyed they are! And I remind Nate ALL the time that he has NO idea how lucky he is - because she sees to it that things just run smoothly for him! And watch out if he crosses her line. I mean, WATCH OUT!  **he may have asked me for a lock on his door for such instances**

But back to Audrey. I took this pic of her the other day for her 12th birthday invite. Honestly. Sometimes I'm just plain knocked over by the incredible person she is and is becoming.

I hope your Monday is magnificent.



Some Favorite Moments of 2015

Holy smokes - it's the last night of 2015.  I can't believe we are here already. From around Halloween through Christmas, the hustle and bustle is real.  Ever year I do my best to slow down and enjoy the cheer of every day. Especially with my two peanuts.....I want them to have special traditions.....traditions of family and the little moments that build the holiday cheer.  As I sit here at the cabin watching movies with some of my favorite people in the world, I felt inspired to share some photos of my fav moments of 2015. And let me say, this was not as easy as it sounds.

Between my family and my friends and the amazing Lauren Oliver Photography families that bless my life, there are SO MANY MOMENTS to choose from. So this post is just a sample of the joy, adventure, love and connectedness of our lives. A reminder of what's truly important at the end of the day.

These moments are shining examples of what I love about my life and photography! Real, fun, full of feeling and memories!

Tonight I raise my glass and say cheers to you all! I love sharing life with you!!! And thank you for being an awesome part of my every day!

With all my heart I wish you a 2016 be full of life and love and enjoyment of all the little moments!