Recital - Acro - 2014

They all worked so hard this year and had so much fun. And as much as I love watching them do their thing - I TOTALLY love the friendships the most. Sweet moments taking care of each other! Recital is over and it was so fabulous! Summer has officially kicked off



Bria - Sebren Family Love {Gig Harbor Family Photographer}

Goodness, well, I don't have to say a lot about this family. The photos truly speak for themselves. 

But let me summarize....

1. Bria was born and is almost a month old now. 
2. She is a stunning addition to this already stunning family. 
3. I love all of them. 
4. Bria sometimes gives me a run for my money (as her photographer)!
5. Missy and Nigel make the most gorgeous humans. 
6. I'm so grateful to have this family be a part of our lives. 

I'll let these photos tell the rest of their story at the moment.

Missy and Nigel - I wish you some seriously good sleep and loads of snuggles. 

HUGE canvas on your wall please!!!

Happy First Day of Summer!!!!



For Todd.....

They often blast past me to you since they are more likely to get a "yes", you always support eating ice cream, you make your points with such a nice tone of voice and you don't go on and on, you hug....and then you wrestle them to the ground, you notice the little things they do, you always play, and I only hope that one day she finds someone half as fabulous as you and that he follows your lead! I am so grateful for your daily actions that totally impact their futures! Happy Happy Father's Day Todd! We looooooove you!


Nathan is 7 1/2.

And today, I thank the universe for blessing me with a second child missing both of their top teeth at once.


And I will likely take about 1000 photos before those big kid teeth arrive.


Love you buddy!

And thanks Audrey for texting me incessantly this morning with updates and photos from the cabin.

Happy last full week of school Peninsula School District families.



The Evolution of a Photo....

I thought it would be fun tonight to share the evolution of a photo. Pictures like the far right take a little prep  You know - practice with a doll first, get your wiggles out, be silly, brush hair....THEN put the real baby in arms....all in the span of like 5 minutes.

Happy Monday!


Teresa and her girls.....


The fact that your honey thought it was important for you to have photos of just you and your girls.......I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH! He's so awesome! It was so perfectly timed with Mother's Day!

This evening was fabulous!, soft light. We couldn't have asked for more!!!!

Girls - I hope you feel the love every time you look at these photos!!! You are both so loved. And so is your mama!

Wishing you all a magnificent Monday!