Happy Holiday Season Kick-Off

I honestly cannot believe its the end of November. Where or where did this year go? The days are long (well, they can be with small people) and the months fly by!

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

We are embarking on my fav month of the year...and by far my most favorite season. 

I felt a little blog post was needed !!

We had a super fun Thanksgiving with family then headed out to our cabin with more family! Forget black Friday shopping - we hit the mountains and the backyard! 

White Pass was hopping on Friday!! And my kids were too ! 

My husband is never bored! 

And neither are these two! Even grandma got talked in to a quad ride! 

Loved the afternoon light! So so beautiful! 

Watch out for this one - she's hard core these days! 

Such beautiful scenery everywhere you turn! Love it! And so do our dogs !!!

I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons! Enjoy every day!!!


Happy Gendreaus Part II

It was a fantastic weekend for our family. Cold outside and cozy inside. We still had much fun exploring the property and playing together! Had to wrap it up with these last couple of pictures.

She had SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Him too - so happy!

And I wanted to point out the hilarious differences in my children's attire.....John Deere sweatshirt vs. turquoise velour track suit with pink gloves. Both rock their respective ride! I so dig my kids! 

Wishing you a fabulous week!


Sweet girls (and families)....

So last weekend on our gorgeous sunny Sunday, I got to share some fun time with three families! 

I am blessed to work with all three and was happy to capture their individual beauty and family fun!!

Let's start off with this hot mama red-head......she's smart and kind and has a fantastic family - including a big 140 pound dog that came along as well. M - your family is lovely and I had a blast with you all! 

This picture just makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! Such a big brother! 

And such a cutie pie little brother - he's 3, but really almost 5 as he tells me!

And be still my heart big 5 year old sis!

Such a "moment in time", don't ya think! 

Now let me transition to this handsome devil and his mom! 
She's been working me with for almost 2 years, and truly became a mama when Yoshi entered her life. 
I laugh out loud at their antics from my office, as it sounds like me talking to my 4 year old son! 

This, my friends, is Yoshi and his mom!


K - I loved my time with you two....the pair of you are so darn photogenic! 
Beauty on the inside and out!!
You deserve every happiness!

And I end tonight with this little pumpkin pie! She's 2 and she's my buddy!
And I get along pretty good with her parents too !

Like I said, she's 2 through and through and really knows what she wants and doesn't want! 
I respect that about her!

Her daddy can sure put a smile on her face!!

And so can her mom! 


Hanenberg family - I always love my time with you!
R- you are a great mom, loving wife, fantastic friend and all around super woman!

Look at that grin.....

Ladies - you are all such kind, loving women!
You have beautiful families and I am so thankful to know you!


Happy Gendreaus!

We are in a happy place this weekend!
We love to come here to retreat and relax and reconnect......
Wondering what that looks like?

Here is a snapshot.......

My happy boys!
He's no joke.....
Well, it figures - this is his dad !


And this guy has found new life after 11 years of doghood....
And SHE is no joke either....watch out for her! 

And then the dirtbike came out....
He's not quite 5....and oddly enough, I'm not nervous at all watching him maneuver this thing!
He's crazy good on it! Thanks Todd for good instruction.....
These two just have fun!!!!!



See ya!
The rest of our time is filled with movies, hot chocolate, baking, crafting and sitting by the fire!
I love weekends like this!

Hope your weekend is full and fun and relaxing!