Jackson Family

What a totally crazy, wacky weather weekend around here. Sunny, clear...then black-cloud takeover in 5 minutes, torrential downpours, hail, 30 minutes later...the sun's back out.

Welcome to October.

This shoot was awesome. They called and are leaving Seattle..... I'm leaving my house. The skies are clear their way, I'm driving through town seeing these ominous, black clouds......I get on the freeway heading toward the clear skies - gorgeous light. I look in my rear view mirror and feel like the black clouds of death are following me and gobbling up my pretty light. HURRY!!!!!!

My doppler stalking had said we'd be fine til around 7pm!!!! The doppler failed me.

Anyhoo - we were there, and we made the best of our time. It turned out to be about 20 minutes before the rain got so hard I had to call it for my camera's sake.

This fun, laughy (is that a word), beautiful family was on board even through the raindrops. And Amy, I think we rocked it despite the limited time. We moved fast and furiously and had a total blast in process. I'm serious - we all were just laughing hysterically much of the time. Mostly due to the ridiculous situation we were in.

Jackson family - you guys are troopers, and totally fun!!! Thanks for allowing me to run you from location to location to get this done!! What fun!!!!

Mr. Five year old. So big!!

Aaaaah, the wind is starting to whip....it is so stinkin' cold! 

You can't see it - but it was RAINING!!!!
We just laughed and pressed on......

Amy and Pete - you two are just super sweet. 
Amy's laugh is so true and honest here. 
What a joy-filled family! 

Whatever - we rally rain or shine!!! 

Happy Monday!


Erickson Family

My dear friend, Jami, has become such a fabulous source of support and camaraderie in the photography world. She's absolutely amazing in her art (check out her website here), and I have just completely enjoyed getting to know her this past year! SO, when she asked if I'd take her family pictures I was so flattered! I'm pretty certain this is one of my fav fall shoots ever! We were literally stalking the doppler as the days grew closer to their shoot. Our 70+ days of sun were coming to a swift end! But it was meant to be....the clouds provided beautiful light, the leaves were plentiful and perfect, the rains stayed away and we had a blast!!!

Jami and Chad - your family is utterly gorgeous! I had so much fun! 

And that beauty in the middle is Helen, Jami's mom
AKA - Gigi....
And she is obviously the best Gigi ever after seeing her with her grandsons this day!
I so understand how Jami came to be after meeting her mom!

Hello Babes!
These two recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary
Love them!

Age 7
Age 10
You should see how many photos I took like the one below! HA!
You guys are awesome!

And they LOVE their mom!

Such handsomes!

These two - such love and ease!

And I end today with him.
Are you kidding me?
He's hysterical.
I just love meeting siblings.
It never ceases to amaze me how two individuals can come from the same people and be so completely different. And at the same time, they are a perfect compliment for one another. 

Big hugs to you Ericksons! 

See you soon! Can't wait for our turn!

Happy Monday!


October = Fall = Happy

So this is by far my most favorite time of the year. I adore fall with all my heart!

This past weekend, we scooted out of town to our favorite hideaway!

This is where I un-plug....we all do, really! Family time, games, cozy fires, homemade bread, baking, cuddling on the couch and watching movies, crafting....the list goes on and on. Oh yeah - quads and dirt bikes too. We typically can't ever get out of there without a little of that as well!

I thought I'd share some pictures of my October so far!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your family, playing go-fish (well, maybe not), cuddling on the couch and sipping tea!!!

I seriously cannot believe we are half way through the month!!!

Enjoy every day!!!

Sweet Theo
He turns 12 this month
Our baby!

 ♥ My peeps 
Photo credit to my husband!

Happy fall!!


The Oberg Family

Ok. So where do I start with this gorgeous, loving, fun, silly, hilarious family?! It was nearly 20 years ago that I met this mom and dad. Thank you WWU! They are just as in love now as they were then. Well, and they've added a few kids to the mix!!!

She is that friend that it doesn't matter how much time goes by - we catch up in a flash and have the best time together. And as a mother - she's got it all wrapped up! Loving, fun, honest, witty, caring, straightforward. Amie, your kids are very, very lucky to have such an amazing mom!

And Craig - you are just plain handsome and dashing! HA! No - I'm not joking.....just laughing as I type! You are always hilarious (well, most of the time)....and are clearly very very loved by your family. You and Amie are like a well-oiled machine!

I'm grateful for our friendship!

And so on this beautiful, fall day down at UW Tacoma - I had the privilege of capturing this stinkin' adorable family.

Love these three!!

See....cutest ever! 

Honestly - I gasp when I see this picture. 
A mama's love!!!


You Obergs are a class act!

I enjoyed every second of being your paparazzi!



Stevens Family

Oh this family - super sweet and fun and so special to us! This past weekend, we let the sun go down a bit and hit the local beach and had some great fun!

There were so many I loved I had a hard time narrowing down images for this post !!

Laynya - I hope you have fun designing your Christmas card!!!! Love you guys!

I love watching big sisters and little brothers! 
These two are a few years ahead of mine......they are crack ups!

L.O.V.E this so much!

This too...sillies!

Babes - nothing else to say about this one! 

Stevens Family - thanks for letting me catch these moments!

You guys are the best!


My Swimmer.....

So this adorable 8 year old has found something she LOVES!!!! Something that she does twice a week and literally smiles the whole way through! Who knew a few years back that the little girl who HATED getting her face wet would be crawl stroking, backstroking, breaststroking and diving like its nobody's business. She has about 1-2 levels left to fully complete the swim program here, and it's so on her radar! As is the possibility of swim team! Regardless of what she ends of doing with it, we are SO happy that she has found something she loves so much!

Tonight I asked if she'd be cool with me taking some pictures and writing a little blog post about her. She just recently realized I blog and that I blog about our family :) She was totally into it!

Check her out.....

And this is the best part all!! That smile! 
I'm telling you - its constant at swim!
I hope she always goes after what she loves!


I love to watch you swim. And just for the record, you are waaaaaaay better than your mama!