Thursday Night Randomness

So, this is a completely random post, but I was washing dishes and felt inspired! As it is obviously documented throughout this blog - we love to go out to our little slice of heaven and relish the quiet, peaceful (well, peaceful when the quads and dirtbikes and Nathan are still), relaxed bliss! Watching our property (new to us this past fall) bloom with spring has been very very fun to watch. I thought I'd share a few pics from last weekend. So fun!!

In one month our creek was overgrown with foliage! Audrey was completely inspired to capture this fresh new growth in her own way!! Can I say she's killin' me with her sudden "big girl" ways. She's 8 now and really weird and fun and exciting all at once.

And then there are guys and yard tools. Clearly the weed wacker was necessary!

Hikes.....looking forward to many more! 
Love these three! Jan and her boys! 

Perfect way to kick off our first spring weekend at the cabin!!!!

Honestly - Audrey's cup runneth over often, I'd say! 
I love that for her. 

"Mama - would you take a picture of me reading"
This so sums her up - age 8, peace signs, dream catcher, pink, cozy jammies and her book! 
Love you sweet girl! 

Happy Thursday and wishing you all a safe and super fun holiday weekend!!!!


Melissa and Josh

Where do I begin???

These two - HYSTERICAL!

In addition to hysterical and fun and spicy - I would add completely loving, in sync, gorgeous, respectful, great friends and totally into each other after many years together! And now they are just about a month out from their wedding!!! So exciting! 

They (lucky ducks) will be getting married in Mexico (super jealous).  But just wait - because come July,  I'll get to capture the celebration party back home! I cannot wait to experience this shin-dig! 

We spent this past glorious sunny Saturday at Kubota Gardens. Holy smokes - what a gorgeous place! And a perfect day! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

So let's begin with this beautiful couple! They sure have fun together!


Honestly - I think this picture sums them up!


Serious - funny - doesn't matter - totally gorgeous! 

Beautiful inside and out!

One of my favs!

Oh Melissa and Josh - I wish you nothing but happiness! 

Enjoy every second of Mexico and I can't wait to hang out with you again in a few months! 


Oh my....

My 5 year old son got his yellow belt in Karate a few weeks back. 

He now can spar!

He's been waiting.....and waiting....and waiting.....and finally his gear arrived.....I think he's ready!

Pray for me !