Matt and Tammy Part II - Pure Joy

Ok - here we go - we are going to wrap up this fab day! 

The sun shined, people mingled, and everyone cheered and celebrated Matt and Tammy. 
On this day - a new family emerged. I love it! I'm so happy for you all!

The venue was gorgeous!
And its couldn't have been a more beautiful day!

Then it was ceremony time. 

I loved this! 
Walked down by her sons 
Greeted by her super attentive, soon to be husband! 

Mr. and Mrs. Messina


As a child of a blended family myself, I totally get what a big deal it is for your mom to get remarried. 
And on this day, this new family's love for each other was oozing! 
Such a joy for me to capture. 
And Sydney, don't worry - no crying pictures showed up here (wink wink). 
But honestly, your emotion and that of your brothers just warmed my heart all day long! 

Hooray - formal pictures are over - let the party begin!

Honestly - it couldn't have been a prettier day!
The wind did start to whip - but that made no difference in the fun factor!

I think some of the BEST candid pictures come during the toasts.
Not just the pictures of the bride and groom.
But the images of their friends and family feeling the love, holding their special people tighter
 and feeling just pure happiness for the couple! 
I love these shots! 
They pretty much sum up the joy of the day! 

The evening held so much fun for these two. 
Great memories for sure! 
And I have to highlight the amazing 15 year old who sang to her mom in front of EVERYONE not once but TWICE!
You rocked it!
And you made me cry!

And Matt
That cake.....
Made by the groom I might add!

I've never seen so many people on the dance floor at a reception! 
What a party! 

Matt and Tammy - this was a fabulous, family focused, love-filled, joyful day!

Thanks again for asking me to capture these memories!

I enjoyed every second.

Cheers to you both!


Matt and Tammy - Part I

As I sit here and begin this blog post - I think to myself, "Where on earth do I begin?"....

Last weekend we and a group of fellow friends, journeyed to Orcas Island to share in this most special day......Matt and Tammy's wedding. It was a perfectly fabulous weekend. First, we were kid free (thanks grandma and grandpa). Second, we hung out with new and old friends and had a total blast catching up. And three, I was blessed to photograph this beautiful joining of families!

Hang on for the ride......the Anderson and Messina crew are fun and loving and I'll probably narrate way too much....but its my blog and they are my friends so I can!!

This is blog post Part I. Todd just asked me how many blog posts this event will take. I'm not sure yet, but here we go!

Tammy and Matt. You two are such caring, giving people with so much love! I'm so glad you found each other!

So let us begin with this gorgeous bride......

And her beautiful daughter! 

And I have to say Tammy had THE BEST maid of honor ever!!!!
She was attentive, loving and on the ball! 
Loved meeting you Kathy!

These girls - they just have such a foundation of love! 
I loved watching this "Little S" watch her mom throughout the day! SO emotional!

A little back story here...Matt and Tammy decided to see each other before the wedding. 
I set up a "first look" and this series just makes me smile!
Their expressions are PRICELESS and real and so full of emotion!!!!



Seriously you guys - you are so adorable!

So glad they had some time together before the hub-bub started! 

Total babes!

This bridal party was a total hoot! 
You all are fantastic! 
Such a pleasure to hang with you this weekend! 

And I will end tonight with this picture. 

Matt and Tammy, I hope you are sleeping, basking in the sun and enjoying the Bali life right now! 

We are sending big hugs and congratulations to you!

Matt and Tammy Part II coming soon.....