Flying U Ranch 2016 - Our Favorite

This could be my favorite blog I get to do every year. This year is no different but it is a special one because some of our favorite people in the world joined us....FINALLY! This year also marked 20 years ago that we discovered this peaceful, relaxing, unique, AWESOME spot on the planet.

People ask us all the time, what do you do there? So, here we go....

1. I describe it as a mini Walnut Grove (for my Little House friends). Not kidding....old west town previously used as a stopping point during the gold rush (the ranch has well over 100 years of history with the original cabins and out buildings)! It's very rustic and so cool.

2. Unguided horseback riding across 60,000 acres of aspens, birch, lakes, woods, open fields, tall grasses....utter beauty! You get the same horse for your stay and don't worry if you have little riding experience - it doesn't matter. The ranch hands are fabulous and match you with exactly who you should ride! Being on the trail has to be one of the most melodic and relaxing feelings.

3.  Get off the grid. Back in day, there was no connection. Now you can find a little wi-fi at the main store, but its slow and, really, my phone died on day 1 and I didn't look again until we left. No tv, no radio, no news.....just peace and hanging out, playing, and having the best time ever doing not much at all!

4. Go for a dip. Green Lake is right across the street and one of the most beautiful lakes. You can  kayak, jump in, go on a boat ride, float around....just enjoy!

5. The most delicious meals are prepared with love every day! Just listen for the bell and make your way to the lodge to eat!

6. Friendships. They just grow here!

7. Watch them take the horses out AND bring them in. It's so worth the early alarm!

8. Hay rides, square dancing, movies at the old theater, play games in the old stable, run around outside, play cards, rock on your rocking chair on the front porch, hang in the saloon, take a walk, visit the horses, feed scraps to the pigs (a highlight after each meal), basically just do whatever you want and enjoy!! Love your family, love your people, just relax!

For us, this place represents the beginning of our life together and the growth of our family and traditions we love. We love it!

And to the Scrivens - we LOVED being here with you and experiencing this place together....FINALLY! I'm not kidding when I say we've been trying since way before kids to get them up there. And now they are hooked and a new season of traditions begin!!! Love you four!!!!!

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Back To School - WOOP!

So I had to do it.

A compilation of back to schools for my peanuts.

Honestly, I'm dying! The days can sometimes be long and the years just fly on by!

I also may have just finished the finale of So You Think You Can Dance - and may be crying my eyes out. So why not blog my kids!


So stinkin' cute!


Gendreaus 2016

Three quick years ago, I was shooting this......two love birds engaged!

And then, last month, their twin girls turned 1!!!

And so, a full family session was in order! 

Jessica, Steve, Georgia and Samantha......

We love you to the moon. We've loved watching your love grow, we loved sharing in your wedding and we have loved watching you become a family! We basically think you rule across the board in every way! You are the best parents and these girls are so lucky to have two of the most loving, kind, caring, fun, totally capable and awesome parents!!! Congrats on making it through the first year with smiles on your faces! 

Cheers to you!