Manchester State Park Family Shoot | The Mason-Todd Family

Where do I begin?

I met Megan in the 6th grade. I talked a lot...she was quiet (shocker, I know).  We were a match made in heaven. In the 8th grade, I chased her around with my camera - documenting our last year of middle school, and probably driving her a little bit crazy! And now, 26 years later I get to chase her around AGAIN with my camera and photograph her as a grown up with her beautiful family! LOVE!!!!!!

Megan and Seth, I had such a great time with you all!!!! 
I just love your crew! 
A special thanks to Theo for his silly faces and shell gathering, Greta for her fabulous conversation and willingness to do whatever I asked. And Wren for her total family coordinating and bubbling personality!



Mama hugs. Nothing better. 

Oh my - the beauty within....


What a perfectly fabulous day!

You guys are the best!



Flower Girl and Ring Bearer - DONE! | Marcellis-Harter Wedding

It's done. 

My cousin (aka sister friend/bestie cousin) is MARRIED. The day was perfect. 

I was a bridesmaid (awesome) and my kids were the flower girl and ring bearer. AND my hubby spun the tunes like nobody's business. 

I'll keep it simple and sweet. 

THE WHOLE DAY ROCKED! AND...the kids were amazing! I will note that prior to the ceremony, I did trap Nate in the changing room in the women's restroom, but whatever....he stepped up when it was important! A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do! 

It may have been the wettest September 28th on record, but whatever. It was the BEST day. 

Mandy and David - I am just simply happy for you. We adore you both and are bursting with love for you!
Enjoy your mini-honeymoon and Happy Wedding!!!

Here are some highlights from the day. There are only a few - because I was happily NOT the photographer and 100% enjoyed a minimal camera day!! 

 To say Audrey took her job seriously, is the biggest understatement ever. 
She. Loved. Everything. Flowergirl. AND Mandy!

And this guy rocked khaki pants, and a shirt with buttons and a collar. 
Way to go buddy! 

Insert smiley face here


Love these two. 

Cousin Mayhem....they had so much fun!!!!!!

It was a day of love, family, friends and celebration.

Love you Mandy Marcellis and welcome to the family David.


A Mama's Love....doesn't matter if horse or is love

Remember these two?? They got married last year. AND just a few days ago had a GORGEOUS baby boy. More on that later (like in a few weeks when I get to go down and photograph this beautiful family of 3).

Last month this mama called me to tell me the story of her first "babies".......


And Nick

At 8 months pregnant with her first son, Jessica wanted to make sure her first loves were well documented. 
So we embarked on one of my most memorable shoots ever. 

I give all my clients a short questionnaire prior to our shoot to get a little 'backstory' and get to know the people (or animals in this case) included in the shoot.  What Jessica sent back to my about her sweet horses literally made me cry. 
It doesn't matter what the love is - human to human, human to animal, or between is love. 

You see, Blondie is Nick's mom. The story of these three (Blondie, Jessica and Nick) is sweet and full of love. 
And their personalities are JUST as Jessica described. 
Likes her your face (pretty much)
A little more serious....and hilarious
I think the picture below totally sums them up. 

And Jessica's love for them....beyond words. 

I am so, so, SO glad we got this done and your sweet babies well documented!

AND, I think it so awesome that you had a session just for them, as you embark on an entirely new phase of your parenting life.

I love full circle.

And I cannot wait to meet little Wyatt!!!!

Happy Sunday,


Almost here....

BIG, GIANT, EXCITING day tomorrow for my bestie cousin, Mandy. It wasn't long ago I was standing on the Puente de Triana in Seville, Spain with these two newly engaged lovebirds. NOW, we are one day out from their WEDDING. The forecast looks a little damp for tomorrow (or, you know, Stormwatch 2013), but the day will be perfect and fun and happy and full of love!!! I love you Mandy and I am so honored to stand by you tomorrow! Breathe and enjoy every moment of the next 36 hours. 

Just a little bit of what we've been up to........

My crew.
Never boring. 
Always finding stuff to do. 
Quiet moments.

Love them.

Family Shoots - The Reality!

This family was A-MAZING and I have such a full blog post coming soon on them.

But in the interim....this is a post to let you know that when you are having your photos done and worry your photographer is getting nothing. Never's the reason I hardly EVER put my camera down!

Shot 1 - oh boy
Shot 2 - almost there
Shot 3 - BAM, got it!

Total time - about 10 seconds!

Like I said - never fear!

More to come of the Mason-Todd's very soon.


Best Luau EVER! Thank you to The Symphony Guild for allowing us to make new friends and have the BEST night!

The Symphony Guild (check out their website here), formed in 1997, is a group of young professionals coming together for one cause – to help all children get the care they need no matter their circumstance. The funds raised each year place the Symphony Guild on the “Top 25 Fundraising Guilds” list at Seattle Children's Hospital.
The back story!!! 
Many years ago, a friend of Mateo Messina (who was a college roommate of Todd's and all around super awesome friend of ours) called him into his office and told him about Seattle Children's Hospital. He said that they made the last year of his daughter's life wonderful. After she passed away from brain cancer, he told Mateo to check out the playroom and possibly volunteer by playing the piano. One week later Mateo started playing piano for the kids and staff in the playroom. Later that year he produced his first Children's Hospital benefit concert: Human.
Fourteen years later Mateo still plays regularly for the kids at the hospital and produces an extraordinary concert for the entertainment of his fans and to benefit Seattle Children's. 

The Symphony Guild is dedicated to enriching the quality of children's lives in the Northwest and primarily raises funds through an annual benefit concert, composed by Mateo Messina, with proceeds benefiting uncompensated care at Seattle Children's Hospital.

This concert has become an annual tradition for us Gendreaus. It's a college reunion, a celebration of new friendships over the years, a grown up's night out, an excuse for a fabulous dinner, a reason to buy a new dress and a VERY excellent cause!!!

Over the years, the concert has grown to include live and silent auctions. WELL, last year Todd bid on (and won) a couple. 
A Luau for 20.
And cupcakes!

Fast forward to last weekend. A glorious day in Seattle (like seriously gorgeous).  A FABULOUS location. And 18 of our closest friends. A fun, grown up's only night out!!

And mai tais. Oh, the mai tais.
Bob - you ROCK as a bartender. 

This year's concert is November 8.
Do NOT hesitate to check out the website and buy your tickets for this years concert. 
You will NOT be disappointed. 
Matt NEVER disappoints!

Tonight I post the highlights of what was a FABULOUS night!
It will really go down in history as one of the best nights ever! 

Bob and Val did NOT miss a beat. 
Every detail was covered. 

No kids
Only us

Our new friends (and hosts)!

And a photo bomber

Um. LOVE my photog friends!!!

Let me just summarize this photo below.
Friends for like 17 years.
Live in the same town.
Kids are awesome friends.
Work together. 
Both photographers.
Both moms to kids the same age.
First year ALL our kids are in school 5 days a week, full day!

LOVE these two!

The sun set and the party kept on going!
Such a gorgeous Seattle night!

Love, love, LOVE these girls!

Val and Bob and Spencer and Blakeley - THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

I'm so glad we met and we definitely bid on the best auction item ever!

So go check out the details Matt's next show! See you there!



Hoopla Events! Watch out for these ladies!

So, you may remember a few months ago I blogged about a SUPER fun party/styled shoot I photographed. You can refresh yourself HERE for my blog post on that fun shoot! Krista is a talented, vivacious, motivated, amazing multi-tasker with SUCH vision. She has all sorts of exciting things going on in her world right now. Oh yeah, AND she's a mom to two little girls! 

You can check out her website at

A few weeks back we collaborated for some updated photos of she and her UBER-TALENTED styling team! In addition, we did a product shoot. That's right - Krista is getting ready to launch her own Etsy store and add a shopping cart option to her website!! WAY TO GO KRISTA!!! 

 Heather and Jen make up Hoopla's styling team. 
And let me tell you - they've got it going on. 
Super talent here!

Be sure to check out THIS POST over on Hoopla's blog to get to know these ladies a little better.
Talk about crafty and stylish!!! And super nice! Love them! 
Click HERE to see a little more of Heather's other creative outlet at Two Crafty Teachers. 

Dream team right here! Such beauties all the way around! 

SO, if you haven't yet, hop over to Hoopla's Facebook page Hoopla Events and be sure to like her page. Over the next month or two you will have the opportunity to order ADORABLE party items like this! And you can watch for her Etsy store to open up!

I'm so excited for you Krista. 
And I've loved collaborating with you and your super fantastic stylists. 

Happy day before school starts!