Morton Family / Tacoma Family Photographer


So, a few things about this family. We met them this fall at the BMX track. Zach - age 14 (almost 15) happens to be this super cool, amazing and very kind guy!!! And to say that my son (age 6 and new BMX'er) thinks he's cool, is THE biggest understatement of the year!!!

He looks like this sometimes....

But he cleans up pretty nicely!!! Super handsome/cool!

And then there is Maddy......age 16 (almost 17).  Total, 100% beauty inside and out! She's smart, talented, kind, fun, outgoing, witty, driven, clearly a great older sister.....and I got all that in about an hour of hanging out with her. You are awesome Maddy!

I love this smile!!

And then there are the parents. Obviously the apples fell from this tree!  Jami, I'm pretty sure, is a BFF from a past life. I have a feeling we have many glasses of wine to drink together in our future! HA! And this dad - SO SO SO loved and so loving!!!! You two are adorable!

I think the rest of these pretty much just wrap the Morton family up into a nice bow! They are hysterical and loving and so fun!!!!

As I said in my quick post last night - these two I LOVED!!!!! As I watched them interact and pick on each other and have fun, I kept thinking, "this is SO my kids in 9 years!!!!" 

Love those smiles and laughs!


Heart melter....

Thanks you guys for letting me chase you around! And for all the laughs! That was super fun!

To check out their slideshow CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas!


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