Birthdays and Traditions.....

Seven years ago, my side of the family started a tradition. Instead of exchanging gifts at the holiday - we'd do a weekend getaway together. For the past six years, we've done Leavenworth. This year, we dared to be different and tried out Suncadia in Roslyn, WA. Let me just say we LOVED it!!!! The house (amazing), the area, the snow, the pool, the spa (ULTRA AMAZING), the pretty much ROCKED!!!!! But the time together was the best!!! And about four years ago, my in-laws joined in the fun (yes, you got it right - two sets of grandparents for the kids were obviously in bliss)!!!!!

I also turned 40 this weekend. I got to wear this super cool hat (see below) and be gifted some ultra awesome homemade gifts from my kids!!!

Love them!!!!! This has to be my most favorite thing ever!!!

We got to see this view all weekend....hello!!! Awesome! 

Me and my squirt (it's almost his birthday too)! 

We played in the snow......

And had way too much fun!!!! 

There was some snowball fight action.....

And some serious "tattooing" going on! 

Audrey discovered the love of air hockey.....

And they did stuff like this.....

See you next year Suncadia.....we LOVE every thing about you!

So, we're home now. 
Settling in for the last 5 days til' Nate's birthday and 14 days til' Christmas. 
There is some baking to be done and presents to be wrapped. 
Never a dull moment here.....

And I'll end tonight with this little gem......

Audrey (my 8 year old) - ever the entrepreneur......decided to create the Audrey Express. For $1 (which he paid) she will drag you around in a laundry basket (I mean lead you in her sleigh), sing Christmas carols, let you play on her iPod, and include a snack break. 

Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday night!!!



  1. I definitely teared up reading the note to you... Aaaahhhh!! Could Nathan's be any sweeter? They both are adorable, but "to infinity and beyond"?????? Come on!!!!

  2. :) Thanks ladies!!!! I hope someday they come "digging" back through this blog to read my posts about them!!! xoxo