Garonzik Family / Tacoma Family Photographer

What a family....

My husband knew them in high school......but just re-connected in September when my crazy son decided BMX racing could be part of his heart!!! I'm SO glad to have met them......

This family is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! And kind, and fun and loving and totally connected. This gorgeous little 6 year old is a SERIOUS BMX racer......I'll gladly be her paparazzi whenever I'm at the track!

But on this day I got to be the family's paparazzi for real....not at the track! What a hoot!

My doppler-stalking began a day or so before our scheduled did not look good. The day of....still did not look good......1/2 hour before I left....looked MISERABLE......but we decided to go for it, if for nothing else than grabbing a Christmas card picture. I drove there - the rain to the shoot rain......texted that they are almost there.....still no rain....they show up...RAIN!!!!! But look - we just powered through.....the rain showers came off and on.....this dad was an excellent umbrella summary - the Garonzik's are rock stars and totally rallied for this shoot.

And as you will see, I think it was TOTALLY worth it!!!

I look forward to growing our friendship and watching our kids race BMX like crazy!!!



This is totally one of my everything about their fun love here!

One of my all time favorites right here!!

Thanks Garonzik Family for showing me your playful love!!!  I enjoyed every second!

Happy kick off to my favorite month!!!


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