A Mama's Love....doesn't matter if horse or human...love is love

Remember these two?? They got married last year. AND just a few days ago had a GORGEOUS baby boy. More on that later (like in a few weeks when I get to go down and photograph this beautiful family of 3).

Last month this mama called me to tell me the story of her first "babies".......


And Nick

At 8 months pregnant with her first son, Jessica wanted to make sure her first loves were well documented. 
So we embarked on one of my most memorable shoots ever. 

I give all my clients a short questionnaire prior to our shoot to get a little 'backstory' and get to know the people (or animals in this case) included in the shoot.  What Jessica sent back to my about her sweet horses literally made me cry. 
It doesn't matter what the love is - human to human, human to animal, or between animals...love is love. 

You see, Blondie is Nick's mom. The story of these three (Blondie, Jessica and Nick) is sweet and full of love. 
And their personalities are JUST as Jessica described. 
Likes her space....in your face (pretty much)
A little more serious....and hilarious
I think the picture below totally sums them up. 

And Jessica's love for them....beyond words. 

I am so, so, SO glad we got this done and your sweet babies well documented!

AND, I think it so awesome that you had a session just for them, as you embark on an entirely new phase of your parenting life.

I love full circle.

And I cannot wait to meet little Wyatt!!!!

Happy Sunday,


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