Manchester State Park Family Shoot | The Mason-Todd Family

Where do I begin?

I met Megan in the 6th grade. I talked a lot...she was quiet (shocker, I know).  We were a match made in heaven. In the 8th grade, I chased her around with my camera - documenting our last year of middle school, and probably driving her a little bit crazy! And now, 26 years later I get to chase her around AGAIN with my camera and photograph her as a grown up with her beautiful family! LOVE!!!!!!

Megan and Seth, I had such a great time with you all!!!! 
I just love your crew! 
A special thanks to Theo for his silly faces and shell gathering, Greta for her fabulous conversation and willingness to do whatever I asked. And Wren for her total family coordinating and bubbling personality!



Mama hugs. Nothing better. 

Oh my - the beauty within....


What a perfectly fabulous day!

You guys are the best!



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