Senior Year Kick-Off

Let me just start by sending a gigantic thank you to those of you that are saying kind things to your friends and family about my photography! I love getting calls and hearing that someone near and dear has referred them my way! I whole-heartedly appreciate it! 

This sweet, young lady's mom was referred my way by one of my favs, Mrs. Kincaid (thanks Melissa)! 

She is beginning her senior year next month! And let me tell you - this girl is smart, kind, goal oriented, giving and so compassionate. Not long after I started I could feel her quiet side as well. She is a wise old soul in that 17 year old body! I loved chatting with her last weekend and I completely wish her the best. 

So reflective and beautiful! I think this picture sums her up! 

This is one of her closest friends. 
These girls - I just loved them! 
Kaari is another smart, kind, loving soul! 
We had to get a shot of this friendship as well! 

And then it was her turn....

Sisters! Check out those curls - adorable!

I am so glad I made you trample through the bushes for this shot! 
You are simply gorgeous!

Ladies - you are inspiring to me and I know you will go far!

Enjoy your senior year!


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