When your sister/cousin is a photographer......

When your sister, cousin, niece is a photographer....sometimes crazy things like "Family Photo Day" gets coordinated!  This past weekend, I got to hang with my family and photograph them in all their fun and craziness!!! What a blast! New love, new babies, toddlers and just good ol' family fun! 

Love you guys!!!!

What a 7 year old cutie! 

Remember this crew??
I was blessed to photograph little Ollie when he was 4 days old! 
Now he's 4 MONTHS old! 

Bless his sweet, hungry, tired heart!


Well hello new 2 year old! 
She is getting so big...
She is really growing up!

Love these sissies!
I can't believe she's 7 months old! 
Wasn't she just here??

And I adore these parents as well!

And seriously - don't even get me started on these two lovebirds.
Shall I preface it for Mandy that these are not engagement pictures?! 
They are just "we are in love" pictures! 


Seriously....they kill me with their cuteness!

Enter my beautiful aunt who joined us and became my valuable photographer's assistant! 
Thank you SO much! 

Love these two!

Hope you enjoyed my family photo spread!
You guys are rockstars....the whole lot of you!

Much love,


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