Sometimes it rains.....and sometimes its a torrential downpoar!

This family is one of my favs! A kid friendship that evolved into a fun grown up friendship as well! 

Love it when that happens! 

This day was all planned to be a fun family shoot at the beach! We arrived as the dark, stormy clouds were crossing the sound. It ended up being about a 20 minute shoot - but we still managed to get some completely adorable pictures and have some fun. Of course it helps when the family is absolutely gorgeous! 

This little sweetie pie is 5 years old, a new Kindergartner, 
has a BIG personality and absolutely beautiful as you can see!


And this beauty....
My daughter's best buddy, 7 years old and newly crowned 2nd grader. 
Stunning beauty and equally as kind and loving on the inside! 

Love these sisters! 

With parents who are simply great people! 
Mom is obviously very loved by all parties as you can see!

 Love this!!!!

Such a sweet time we had.....even as the rain began to really fall! We just found some trees and hid out!

And twirled and danced.....


Nigel, you are going to have your hands full in a few years !!

Thanks for rallying in the rain Sebrens! You are the best! 


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