Family Love Part II

Goodness, where do I begin with this blog post? Family. It is what life is all about right? Appreciating your own, growing up, gaining perspective and starting your own! The cycle of life. 

Back in high school, my mom re-married and with that I was blessed with three siblings that were destined to be in my life! It was no accident! 

This is one of my best buddies! Growing up we spent hours hanging out in our room - playing cards...eating cheese and crackers....chatting about the whoas of teenager-hood and forging an amazing friendship and sisterhood. She is a love and I completely adore her! 

She became a mom 15 months ago to my sweet niece and is expecting her second daughter on Christmas. I was completely excited to capture her sweet family of three for the last time. And I cannot wait to snap four sets of feet in a few months! 

So today I celebrate my sister, her hubby, little miss and little miss #2!

Hello cuties!!! 

So let's recap. 15 months.....BUSY....BUSY....BUSY....loves her mommy and loves her daddy....BUSY! 

My sister - enjoy every last moment of the three of you. Your family will be complete after baby girl #2 arrives, but there is something very special about those last few months as a "threesome". I don't know how else to explain it! 

But seriously - could this little girl be more loved?? I don't think so! 
You guys are such loving, caring, thoughtful parents! 


Cutest belly ever!!!! Niece #2 in there....FUN!

One of my favorites!!!! 

It was a little cold at the beach, and all parties needed a break and a snack!  We decided to go roam around Tacoma.....holy smokes.....did we find some fun spots. And this family was up for it and rallying like crazy! 

I realize I'm biased as an aunt, but honestly - this next series....SO SO SO CUTE!!!!


See ya!!! I'm outta here......

Until, mom busts out the Halloween costume! Take two....

Seriously - the cutest!

Ok sweet girl - we'll call it a did SO great and so did your mom and dad! Love you tons! 

FAMILY ROUND II..............

So, I considered making this next round of pictures a separate blog post....but it really all belongs together. Now along with sister #1 I got sister #2 out of the remarriage deal (only brother, I am not leaving you out - I anticipate your own blog post in the future). At any rate - we throw in the best cousin in the world and decided to do our own photo shoot following girls lunch! Hold on to your hats because this was probably the most fun I've had in a long time.....I'm pretty sure we laughed harder than any of us have in a long time!


Beautiful Sisters!!!!

Things start to get a little silly....

This is the best cousin I was speaking of and for some reason we tend to laugh a lot in pictures together! This one was a little serious for my taste! So let's delve right in to the fun! 

We definitely enjoy each other's company! 

Beauties  for sure! 

Both stunning inside and out!

How excited is she to be an auntie again?? VERY!

Sisters (minus one....we missed you!)

So I think this last picture pretty much sums up the fun of the afternoon. You are some of my fav ladies in the world and I enjoyed every second with you! And I'm very glad it was well documented! 

Phew, what a day!



  1. Beautiful!! And I love reading the stories behind these too! :)

  2. I love it when great family are also great friends! Gorgeous pictures!!

  3. I had so, so, so much fun taking these pictures with you guys!! :) Next time we will definitely have to take more with you in them, Stac. :) Thank you immensely for the sweet words, both in life and online and via text. You are the best bestie cousin a girl could ever have been blessed with!

  4. Thanks again for such an awesome day! I can't thank you enough for capturing all of these. Andy even had his eyes open and was smiling in the same picture!! I love your eye and ability to capture the feeling of the moment and not just the pose! You are the best! Love you!