Life Friends.....

Where do I begin with this family? They are life friends! Together we have an easy comfort, always enjoyable hanging out doing nothing...always a blast! We have fun traditions and love sharing our family adventures together. I adore the mom of this clan, my husband digs the dad, my daughter can't get enough of their oldest and my son....well, he and their youngest are literally two peas in a pod!! We sort of get along! HA!

We share an annual trip of playing in Long Beach every August for the Kite Festival. This year we added a fun (and way overdue) family photo shoot!!! So hold on to your seats because this family is ADORABLE!! And as a side note Todd Scriven - you did excellent!

Let me begin with Grace and Molly. Could they be any sweeter and could Gracie love her big sis any more??

Oh Grace - you are the sweetest 3 year old I know!


And Molly - one of my daughter's best buddies! We just love you!

Such a beauty!! Big 1st grader!

And let's be honest - there must be two amazing parents to create these sweetie pies!

I just love this family!

Now these two - so so sweet. This is Don and Lynn - Molly and Gracie's grandparents. We adore them!

Nothing like this love!

Now I'd like to take a minute and shine a light on this cool dad....he is very very loved and was super excited about taking pictures (insert hysterical laughter here regarding latter statement). BUT, he was a complete pro and I love these pictures of he and his girls!

Molly and Grace....sweet sisters!

And Grace - precious!

A mother's love - there really just isn't anything as sweet! Kate, your girls are very very lucky!

Thanks Scriven family for letting me be your paparazzi for a while! We value every bit of our friendship with you and look forward to many more adventures!!!

And I end tonight with a picture of four kids who thoroughly enjoyed every second of beach, friend and family time this weekend. Wishing you all a happy week!



  1. I adore these pictures, and this family also!!! :)

    Next year, guess who needs to come to the kite festival? I'll give you a hint. She is writing this comment!

    Love you, Gendreaus and Scrivens! :)