A few blogs posts ago I talked about my sweet Audrey's buddies from Kindergarten....this is one of them. Audrey loves some good, quality Jenna time!! And her little sister and Nate are fit just about perfectly for each other! Which leaves me and Missy some good chat time! I will honestly never forget the day Addison and Nathan discovered each other.....it was about 3 years ago at dance class...the big girls were busy...these two came upon each other, I think Nate pushed her....she looked at him and gave him a shove back and from that point...it was on! I still laugh out loud just thinking about it! They are never bored for sure! Nate may invade sweet Addie's body bubble from time to time, but for the most part these kiddos have a blast!!!! We were so happy to enjoy a little beach time and blackberry pickin' today! We are trying to soak up every last minute of fun play time before the routine of fall returns! The days of summer are ticking away - darnit! Thanks ladies for hanging with us!

Ms. Jenna, you are seriously stunning and so funny! Thanks for being such a good friend to Audrey!

Four monkeys!

And a couple of sillies!



The coolest climbing/swinging tree ever!


Just so happy!
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Happy last days of summer!!


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