Here we go....

Lauren Oliver Photography is born!! I'm so excited! As many of you know, I've kicked things into high gear this past year with my photography. I appreciate all the support and encouragement from so many of you and look forward to a fun adventure!

The name - inspired by my sweetie pie kids (their middle names).

The business - inspired by so many life moments yet to be told. Phases that pass oh so quickly, moments we want forever documented!!! Its your story!!!

By trade, I am a counselor....trained in family systems....looking at patterns of life, moments that define individuals and family and understanding the connections from generation to generation. As I type this, I realize how my photography really mirrors those same principals! Ah, the perspective...I guess life really takes you just where you are supposed to be!!

A few weeks ago we traveled to Grand Forks, North Dakota to celebrate Grandpa George's 90th birthday. I wondered as we all gathered (and believe me its no joke when the Chaput side gathers...there are a lot of people) what grandma and grandpa were thinking as they looked around. Let's be real here, none of us would have been there without them. Such an amazing life story those two have had! Inspiring for sure!

I took a lot of pictures throughout this trip and it just solidified for me how important capturing these moments truly is! Its how we keep these family stories moving on to future generations! Its a must, in my opinion.

A few favs from many many family photos!!!

Love these two!!

The rest of these are recent pics that just make me smile for one reason or another!

I adore you Hanenburgs!

Nothing like baby feet!!

Sweetest girls!

And I'll end tonight with my crew who forever inspires me! I adore you three!

I look forward to sharing my photography adventures with you here! Happy Sunday!



  1. So, so, sooooooooo happy to read this. I am so insanely happy and excited for your journey!!!

  2. Yay! Lauren Oliver is born! Your new baby! I can hardly wait to watch it grow. ( .......Dare I say, 'bout time!!) ;) I totally ditto Mandy!!

  3. Stacy!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!

  4. Awesome!! Great job Stacy - excited for you!!!