Celebrating 40 Years

So this past weekend I had the best time with this family! Everyone gathered to celebrate their parents 40th wedding anniversary! They were adorable and fun and such a loving family!

These brothers....so so so so so sweet! I think Alex could have kissed him a 100 times! I love 3 year olds!!

Larry and Pat - Happy 40th to you two! So inspiring! Your family is simply delightful!!!

And photogenic!

The love of a grandma - there is nothing quite like it!

Only 3 months old and SO much personality!

This tractor, I soon found out, is also a part of the family! Love it!

Love!! Brittany you have the cutest baby!!!

And the sweetest 3 1/2 year old ever!

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Thanks for letting me crash the party before the party!!! And Happy 40th Anniversary to Larry and Pat!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family! :) Nicely done. I always LOVE your pictures. Always.

  2. EXCELLENT WORK STACEY!!!....I LOVE your pictures! FAN No 1!!! SALUDOS Y FELICIDADES A TU HERMOSA FAMILIA!!!...I always remember your expression back in High School "i am a woman hear me roar"....jajajajaj. CONGRATULATIONS STACEY YOUR WORK IS A PIECE OF ART!!! KEEP ON!!

  3. These are beautiful, Stacy! But I never doubted that they wouldn't turn out perfect!!! Couldn't be prouder of you!!!!! Love ya, Mom

  4. Awesome job Stac!! I'm loving the colors...and love that tractor! :)