Seattle Family Photography - Kieryn + Her Adorable Parents = Mega Snuggles

Happy almost last day of June! I can't believe it's nearly July!  As my son said to me a few days, back....."Mama - it's my half birthday and half way to Christmas"!  Yikes - thanks Nate!

I hope you are all enjoying these warm, summery nights!

First and foremost, tonight is about this awesome, hilarious,  fun-loving, sweet family! I have been blessed to photograph them on several occasions and feel more and more connected each time celebrating all these life phases.

On this particular day, we celebrated their sweet girl's 1 year birthday! Let me just say she was completely 1...full of personality...the best expressions...the most hilarious looks...perfection!!!! I will leave it at that and simply share the major snuggles that happened on this springy Seattle morning. She is one lucky little lady and very loved by two fabulous parents!

Brianne and Mark - you all are the best and I TOTALLY love being your paparazzi!



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