Hilariously witty.
Creative and strong.
Lover of Skittles, soccer and back-walkovers.
Avid reader.
Lover of Thailand.
Such a good cook.
So decisive.
Friend for life.
One of my favorite travel buddies ever.
And she's 11 today.
On our recent trip I kept finding myself in these great conversations with her and thinking, "Seriously, I can't believe we are having these conversations and I'm so glad we are."

Getting older pulls at my heartstrings, but experiencing her fabulous character as she evolves into this special young lady is awesome! 
Happy 11th Birthday Audrey! You are majorly loved!




  1. A few to add:

    *Colorful, in every way!
    *Remembers so much - big and small!
    *Always willing to help someone make decisions -- nail color, outfit, song to listen to, activity to do, etc...
    *GREAT taste in music!
    *GREAT taste in favorite colors
    *Is intuitive and more caring than many adults are after years of growing
    *Dimples for days!

    Love love love you like crazy, Audrey girl! I am so grateful that you are such a big part of my life. Having you standing up with me on my wedding day is one of my favorite moments looking back. You are truly one of my favorite people! <3 <3 <3

  2. Oh Mandy - this is perfection. Audrey just read this a little while ago and did her sweet, humble smile :) :) You made her day!