THEN and NOW plus a few | Gig Harbor Family Photographer


He just turned 1. 

Not long ago - he was just a little 4 day old bean......

Now he's got teeth and has much to explore in this world! 

The boys always get the lashes. What is up with that?!

Cutest parents EVER!!! So much love here! 

I feel honored to document your "growing up" Olliver!

And then there is this c.u.t.i.e pie!
She is just big. 
And has so much to say! I adore her! 

Now this one. 
She is s.p.i.c.y
And would prefer to still be in her mama's womb! 
She doesn't like it much when she is put down. 
Someday she will get words and tell us ALL what is up!
Alia - we LOVE you and I'm so glad we captured this phase of your life.

And we end tonight with these cousins. 
Moments in time like this are priceless to me!

Wishing you a fabulous rest of the week.

Stay tuned for more European adventures to come.....


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