Glamour Shoot - Nikki Closser Photography - the BEST day!!!!!!

BEST DAY EVER! There is just no other way to describe this this totally fantastic experience!  In a short time, Nikki Closser has become a fabulous friend in my world. I'm pretty sure she's a BFF from a previous life! We can chat on the phone for hours like a couple of 7th graders! I love it and adore her! 

Nikki is a Seattle based Wedding Photographer and is amazing all the way around!  You can check out more of her work HERE! She's so talented, don't ya think?!!!!

So, it started a few months back......we are out to dinner.....Nikki is talking about her glamour portrait photography and suggests I come sit for her. SIGN ME UP!!!!! Have you seen her pictures?? 

Now, you must understand......until this day, I had NEVER had my makeup professionally done! EVER!! No joke! I'm a simple girl - and I love my yoga pants!!!! HA! So on this fabulous February day, the kids got off to school....I wrapped up my work for the day....and I took off to Nordstrom's to get a little help in the makeup department! I wish I had brought my camera, because my MAC makeup counter artist was AMAZING - and obviously made a good little commission on me too! Job well done! Then, it was off to Nikki's!

Nikki - you made this mama feel like I was on vacation for the day! You are super talented at what you do and I appreciated every minute of our day. Thank you for giving me a reason to file my nails, curl my hair, get out of my yoga pants and take a day for me!!! I LOVE MY PICTURES!

If you want to have a special day just for you, contact Nikki!!! You will not be disappointed, I promise!!!!!

Happy Saturday!!!




  1. You look amazing Stacy! ! Love all of the images!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful - and well deserved! - day!!

    1. This comment was by Layla! Having a hard time being technically savvy on my phone! :)