Park City

We happily escaped the dreary spring weather (yes, that happens from time to time in Washington) this past weekend and headed to sunny, happy Park City. 85, sunny, warm, extensive Vitamin D and fantabulous friendship!

Can I just say that every time I travel with my kids, I'm more and more impressed with their self-sufficient, organized, fun traveling capacities! Yes, Nate is 5 and still learning - but he's getting there and big sis is setting a pristine example!

I thought I'd just share a few pics from our trip!

We hiked, we swam, we explored, we chatted, we just enjoyed each other and our buddies! 

GORGEOUS Park City from way up high!

This picture
So much meaning
Makes me happy
Defines friendship from childhood to adulthood
Crazy, goofy fun!

Hope you all enjoyed a super fantastic weekend!


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