This is Olliver. Cutest EVER!!

He is 4 days old here. 
Just a peanut. 
And he quickly has many many fans. 

His mom and dad are clearly in love. 
Life is forever changed. 

Welcome to the world Olliver.
We can't wait to watch you grow! 

I met Jason (Olliver's dad) when he was 5 or so.
Our families joined and I got a brother!
Seeing him as a dad now....a loving, sensitive, caring, natural father......
A total blessing!
And even more fun to photograph!

And Charla (Olliver's mom)
Radiant and gushing with love!
Just as a new mama should be!

And now these three embark on a whole new chapter of their lives! 

As stated above....this mama is radiant! 
Lucky boys to be loved like that!

Squishy newborn.....LOVE!

Jason, this picture overwhelms me! 
I've looked at it 100 times and I love it! 
I think this pretty much sums you up!

Calm love! 


Grandma showed up at just the right time! 
And can I say, Olliver, you are SO loved by her! 
Congratulations Julie!

Connected forever! 

Welcome to parenthood Charla and Jason and congratulations!
And welcome to the world Olliver. You are perfect!
I am partial to your name and happy Nate will have a little boy cousin to romp with!


Auntie Stacy

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