Sweet girls (and families)....

So last weekend on our gorgeous sunny Sunday, I got to share some fun time with three families! 

I am blessed to work with all three and was happy to capture their individual beauty and family fun!!

Let's start off with this hot mama red-head......she's smart and kind and has a fantastic family - including a big 140 pound dog that came along as well. M - your family is lovely and I had a blast with you all! 

This picture just makes me laugh out loud every time I see it! Such a big brother! 

And such a cutie pie little brother - he's 3, but really almost 5 as he tells me!

And be still my heart big 5 year old sis!

Such a "moment in time", don't ya think! 

Now let me transition to this handsome devil and his mom! 
She's been working me with for almost 2 years, and truly became a mama when Yoshi entered her life. 
I laugh out loud at their antics from my office, as it sounds like me talking to my 4 year old son! 

This, my friends, is Yoshi and his mom!


K - I loved my time with you two....the pair of you are so darn photogenic! 
Beauty on the inside and out!!
You deserve every happiness!

And I end tonight with this little pumpkin pie! She's 2 and she's my buddy!
And I get along pretty good with her parents too !

Like I said, she's 2 through and through and really knows what she wants and doesn't want! 
I respect that about her!

Her daddy can sure put a smile on her face!!

And so can her mom! 


Hanenberg family - I always love my time with you!
R- you are a great mom, loving wife, fantastic friend and all around super woman!

Look at that grin.....

Ladies - you are all such kind, loving women!
You have beautiful families and I am so thankful to know you!


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