Balloon Festival 2011

This past weekend we ventured over to Prosser, WA for the 2011 Hot Air Balloon Festival. Can I just say it was gorgeous, warm and so relaxing!!! I had to share some of this trip with you all!

So let us begin and fly away....

Watching these balloons inflate....what a sight!

And off they go!

After we watch them go up - we head over to the river to really catch the sights!!

There is lots to see and good photo taking opportunities!

Honestly, I've never seen anything like what your about to see. Seriously beautiful!!!

I love these tender moments! Grandma's love!

And as you can imagine...with all this amazing hot air balloon excitement...we started seeing a lot of these....BIG GIANT SMILES!!!

Can I just say how much I adore Jan and Lee? I mean honestly they are so loving to everyone. And their love for each other is truly inspiring!

I don't think Audrey put her camera down all weekend either! She LOVED it!

Utter beauty! Honestly!

We all give a million thumbs up to the Balloon Festival!

Have a happy week!



  1. These pictures are A.MAZ.ING!!!! Seriously! The last three, especially, are simply stunning. I wouldn't have thought to try to photograph through the arches, but it's such an amazing effect. WOW!!! LOVE!!

  2. Sooo beautiful Stac!! Ditto Leah - I just love the arches & the effect it creates - also love that sun flare in that last one! Looks like you had a wonderful time & great weather!

  3. Stace-i love you! You inspire me & my desire to be a great photographer in so many ways. You are my rockstar!! Thanks for the great captures!! xo