Wyatt the Labradoodle

There is a new guy in town.......

1. His name is Wyatt.
2. He is 13 weeks today.
3. He is ADORABLE and sweet and hilarious. And he loves to sleep on his back with his legs in the air. 
4. He is sleeping in his crate like a champ. 
5. He is also being trained to ring a bell when he has to go potty. He's ringing the bell.....A LOT! Sometimes I think he's just bored and squeezing out whatever he can to just get outside. 
6. Audrey and Nathan are REALLY learning to be responsible puppy owners. Nathan quickly learned if he plays crazy with Wyatt, Wyatt will always be crazy and a little rough. Cue a long discussion and Nate making big changes in his play with Wyatt. 
7. Wyatt is a Labradoodle puppy. He is mostly chill and a little bit crazy. And having a puppy is like having a toddler again. No joke. 
8. Wyatt found us on a fluke. We had recently lost our sweet ol' lab of nearly 14 years old. I wasn't quite ready for a dog. The rest of my pack was chompin' at the bit. Then Todd volunteered at school one day. Wyatt's dog mom volunteers at the kids' school each week doing a "Reading With the Doodles" program with the 1st graders. She happened to bring a few of her puppies with her that day. Todd started sending me pictures and the rest is history. 
9. Wyatt imprinted on me on day #1. You know, kinda like Jacob from Twilight :) He loves his mama. 
10. Audrey killed me when she said, "Mama, if Wyatt lives to be 15, I'll be 25". 

And that is that. We have nothing but love for you little buddy! Welcome to life with the Gendreaus. 

Happy Tuesday! 

-Stacy (Wyatt's mom)

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