10 years ago today I became a mom. 
It changed me forever and I cannot imagine what my life would be without Audrey.

She is kind
She is smart
She is confident 
She has strong opinions
She is giving
She is a loyal friend
She is hilarious
She is a planner
She is a reader
She is such a great baker
She's not afraid to show her spicy side
She is the most capable and self-sufficient person.
She is intuitive
She totally takes care of her brother (seriously, he's so lucky)
The girl can play cards
She is an observer and soaks everything in
She is sometimes so quiet and sometimes not
She is a realist
She is witty 
She loves math
She values family more than anything
She loves to sneak candy 
She loves Root Beer
I have no doubt she is learning what it means to live a happy life!

Audrey, being your mom is one of the best parts of my life! 
You brighten my days and I love watching you discover and make meaning of this world. 
I have no doubt that your "way" of being in this world will take you so far. 

So here are my thoughts for you this morning for your 10th birthday....

1. Always trust your instincts. They will guide you exactly where you need to be.
2. Always speak your mind even if you are nervous to (others will appreciate you for it).
3. Spend the next 10 years discovering what you love in life, and then find a way to make it your life's work. 
It will never feel like work if you truly love what you do. 
4. Choose to find happiness in every day. Even when you feel like the day is so hard. 
5. Be kind to others and giving of yourself! You never know how the smallest gesture of goodness can make a huge difference in someone's day. Trust me, filling someone's "bucket" will always fill your own as well! 
When you put out good in the world, good will always come back to you. 
6. Always surround yourself with people that make you feel good and push you to be your best. 
7. Remember that every day is new. A fresh start. 
8. Have fun in life. 
9. Cherish and take care of your relationships.
10. Make sure you say "i love you" every day. 

Dream big sweet girl. 
Anything is possible! 

Happy Happy Birthday!



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