Seattle Center Fun | Seattle Family Photographer

These are the Honig and Pyatt families.
They are awesome. 

And they picked a most GORGEOUS day for family photos. 

These two. 
Their love. 
Sweetest ever! 

After 14 years of marriage I think he adores her.... a lot! 

Now these are their grandbabies. 
2.5 years old. 
And FULL of energy! 

And then they do this.....

And T.H.I.S.! 
And my heart melts. 

Just love....all morning long. 

No words here. 
Just a total moment in time that they will never forget. 
Well, it'll get foggy - but then they'll just look at this photo and it will all come rushing back. 

These two. 

What a fun day you guys!

Thanks for having me!


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