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If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in
- Rachel Carson

The house is quiet and here I sit. Thanks to my buddy, Lisa,  of Lisa Jump Photography, I have spent the last hour looking at old videos of our kids. She hit the jackpot over on her computer earlier tonight and has been sending me HYSTERICAL videos for the past few hours! Melt my sappy mom heart tonight. Todd made me promise that he wouldn't wake in the morning to videos plastered all over Facebook and/or my blog. So listening to him tell my daughter to, "shake it like a salt shaka'" at age 3, will not make this post tonight.

So back to a video I can share. The weekend was just what I needed. We ventured out for a little quiet....well, I should say our family is never truly quiet and our version of relaxing did include skiing and dirt bike/quad riding.  It was intermingled with some brother/sister fighting, but a TOTAL blast!

If you have followed this blog, you know that at the fresh age of 39 - I learned to ski. Bless my husband's patient heart (he taught all three of us). So this is season 2 of the Gendreau Family Skiing adventures.......I'd say we are coming along well. I successfully made a video while on skis on Saturday. My multitasking abilities are improving (until that snowboarder almost took me out, ha)!

Cue the soundtrack.....

The rest of the weekend was filled with hot tea, good food, great company, movies about wooly mammoths and saber tooth tigers (thanks Nate),  quads, dirt bike riding and some super fantastic spring-like weather today!

Enough said!

Girls rule! 

Be still my heart, please! 


So, yesterday I was thinking. 
We (insert me freaking out a little here) are leaving to Europe later this year for a trip of a lifetime. 
I will only have a backpack (to carry mine and one of my kids' stuff). 
My flat iron is my luxury item.
Along with my camera.

I am ONLY taking my 50mm lens. 
I decided today that (unless I have a shoot), I am keeping my 50 on all the time until we go. 
I will NOT have any regrets of having a wider or a zoom lens. 
I will relish in my choice to take only my 50. 
So here goes. 
The 50mm it is. 
It's my challenge to myself. 

And here was the rest of the weekend through my eye and that lens!

Seriously - could his eyelashes be any longer?
And, yes, I love taking pictures of my kids when they are sleeping! 

I roamed down to our creek to see what I could find on this sunny day today. 

I'm not kidding!!

And I saved my fav image of the weekend for last. 
Do not EVER underestimate her. 
She may be wearing peace signs, but this girl is a sharp-shooter!
Doesn't everyone need a Red Ryder?!!



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  1. Super cute! You all look so happy!! What a wonderful mommy you are. :)