8 year old Awesomeness.....

She is 8 and three quarters.

She turns 9 in about 51 days.

She NEVER ceases to amaze me.

And when she does stuff like this, I'm CERTAIN she could possibly grow up to be an event coordinator.

FYI, she took the above shot with my camera when I came in to take her list picture. 
She thought it was slightly weird that I wanted to take a picture of it! 
Regardless, it's hysterical and fully awesome and totally her picture! 

The girl has got her stuff together!!!

Happy Wednesday. 

Off to watch last night's Parenthood with a glass of wine and a box of tissues. 




  1. I LOVE HER!!!!! Can I please be her best friend?!?!?! No, really, this girl has got it going ON! Homework done by 8:18?!?!?!? Dyyyyying.

    1. :) She is a girl STRAIGHT from your heart!!! xoxo

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